Welcoming Summer: Fire Agate, Citrine and Blue Apatite by Moorea Kern

Spring is in full swing as the days grow longer and the flowers bloom brighter than they have in years. Isn’t it marvelous? Everywhere I look there are fresh tendrils of life stretching their limbs to be embraced by the warmth of the Sun. Students of life and institutions are completing their annual cycles and getting ready to enjoy hours of summer past times- road trip adventures, pool parties, BBQ’s and swimming in the sea. In honor of the Summer Solstice on June 21st and our local Santa Barbara festivities the following weekend, three stones that infuse us with the energy, vitality and exuberance to shimmy and shake our way into summer are Fire Agate, Citrine and Blue Apatite.

Known to embody the essence of fire, Fire Agate is revered as the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. It helps reignite the spark of creativity, passion and ambition, helping the user to pursue their deepest desires and attract the energy necessary for them to achieve it. It’s warm, protective properties nurture self-confidence and encourage fulfillment through adventure and achievement of one’s objectives. It has a strong connection to the Earth, promoting a sense of security, trust and support. So whether you’re nervous about finals or ready to chase that life-long dream, Fire Agate will give you the boost you need to attain your goals.

The ultimate happy go lucky stone, Citrine is a bringer of enthusiasm, joy and success. It is said to promote and manifest good fortune and abundance in all areas of life. With a high vibration that rarely needs cleansing, it’s bright and vibrant energy works to dissipate and clear negative and stagnant energies from the body, home, work place and general environment. Instilling hope, confidence and will power, Citrine enhances mental clarity and infuses the user with the drive and positivity to take care of tasks one might otherwise avoid.

Blue Apatite is a motivation and manifestation stone, working to promote ambitiousness and independence. Apatite’s deep blue form connects the throat chakra with the third eye, activating channels for clear communication, spiritual attunement and psychic perception. It stimulates the intellect thus improving concentration and memory skills, making it a perfect stone for studying and integrating new information. A dual-action stone, it is the perfect tool for enhancing personal power to achieve one’s desires for personal gain and for the greater good.

As the half way mark of the year, June is the perfect time to take stock of what we’ve worked on and celebrate all that we have accomplished. Take time to revel in the sunshine, dip your toes in the sea and connect to these three stones to rejuvenate and approach the months to come with fresh vitality.