The Love Vibe is Everywhere by Teresa Taylor

I’ve got it and I’ve got a bad case of it—Spring Fever! The hills are alive with the sight, scent and sound of Spring and it is all honey to my heart.

The sight of deep green, the scent of wild blooming ceanothus wafting down from the hills, the citrus and jasmine of backyards moving on the breeze; the sound of water, frogs croaking and birds heralding life renewal have me skipping and doing cartwheels for joy—well, at least metaphorically. The venerable old avocado tree that looked like it might not make it through the drought is blooming like it was a youngster again. I feel a bounce to my own step.

What a delicious and luxurious healing salve to a nervous system which was feeling a bit frayed. I hadn’t realized the toll of the subtle undercurrent of anxiety the years of drought had played on my sense of well-being. Happy oak trees. Happy me. I hear a collective sigh of respite from our years of drought conditions, and feel a deep relaxation into ‘all is well’. Water is life. Continued respect for resources always.

The love vibe is everywhere—open your windows and let it in.