Stones for Reawakening Your Inner Child: Howlite, Dalmatian Stone and Blue Lace Agate by Moorea Kern

As we enter the season of Cancer, the astrological sign of feeling, incubation and intuition, the call to connect with our essence intensifies. Cancer is a unique time of year as it marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, creating an energetically potent union of the masculine and feminine, fire and water, the Sun and Moon. The intense heat and activity often coincides with the cool relief of water and rest. Finding equilibrium among these two extremes gives rise to summer’s greatest gifts: growth, abundance, rejuvenation and revelry. The masters of such qualities, living authentically from the heart with enthusiasm and candor, are children.

Somewhere along the way, as we grow up we tend to grow out of our childlike habits; both the good and the bad. This summer, the three stones that can help reawaken your inner child and remaster the art of living in the moment are Howlite, Dalmatian Stone and Blue Lace Agate. An opaque white stone with delicate veins of grey, Howlite is known for its profound ability to calm the mind, body and soul. It encourages deep meditation and assists in relieving tension and stress, typical symptoms of an overworked soul. Howlite releases old attachments, burdensome worries and old emotional pain so that the user may move forward with a renewed sense of boundaries and well being. Expanding creativity and self expression, it is a wonderful stone for liberating oneself from fearful inhibition in order to honor their authentic, childlike self.

Dalmatian Stone encourages playfulness, enthusiasm and a deep sense of joy in the simple things- all qualities that appeal to the inner child. It’s polka dotted appearance resembles that of a Dalmatian although it does more than just remind us of our furry friends. It is a useful stone for children of all ages as well as animals due to its calming energy which promotes healing, learning and the strengthening of bonds. Dalmatian Stones also encourage dedication, determination and cooperation with others, earning its name from our loyal companions.

The soft sky color of Blue Lace Agate combined with its fluid bands emits a soothing, elegant energy not found in many other stones. It’s a powerful emotional healing stone as it uplifts, calms and encourages the user to think and speak with clarity. Working with the throat chakra it also promotes creativity and communication so that one may express themselves in a healthy and productive manner. A gentle stone that aids in cultivating discernment, trust and inner balance, Blue Lace Agate nurtures our inner child so that we may feel free to be our naturally curious and creative selves.

Although it is important and necessary to mature into adulthood, we should never forget to nurture the young spirit within all of us. Connecting to the playful, imaginative and carefree child we once were allows us to heal in many profound ways. Through releasing the baggage we acquired over the years we can once again live from our authentic heart, with a newfound lightness, presence and appreciation for all of life’s wonders, large and small. May these stones assist you on your journeys in the world and within this summer as you reconnect to the magic of youth that withstands the test of time. Blessed Be.