Stones for Peace, Love & Unity by Moorea Kern

Take a moment to close your eyes and think of your favorite childhood holiday memory. Breathe in the smells, visualize the company, and hold the sweet excitement in your mind’s eye. Let the warmth of the hearth in your memories warm your heart in this moment.

december-2016-crystalsWhen we’re kids, we relish the promise of presents, but as we grow older we begin to recognize the value of each other’s presence. We begin to cherish the act of giving and the joy in watching others receive. In the anxious hustle and bustle of holiday prepping, it’s important to take moments like these to remember that the magic of the holidays truly lies in the love we share in peaceful union with one another. Three crystals that help us return to a state of courageous love are apophyllite, golden apatite and rose quartz.

Apophyllite is a dreamy stone that resonates at a high vibration- encouraging deep meditation and spiritual awakening. It serves as a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms, allowing one to recognize and act upon the truth in all situations. As it works on a high energetic level, it’s an excellent crystal for clearing blockages, activating energy and releasing any anxiety or negative emotions. In moments of stress or doubt, call on Apophyllite’s purifying energy to connect you to spirit and remind you of your loving intentions.

Golden Apatite is a stone for manifestation, making it a powerful tool to enhance love and unity in life. Its yellow color boosts the energy of the solar plexus, amplifying a sense of will, courage and creativity. It clears away confusion and instead promotes hope and optimism for future vision, making it beneficial for enhancing a sense of loving comradery and peaceful communion. Rather than succumb to holiday pressure, use golden apatite to give you a boost of energy and confidence to rise to the occasion.

Probably the most well known stone for unconditional love, Rose Quartz is a must have for any situation. It works to restore trust and harmony by purifying and opening the heart on all levels. Calming and reassuring, it instills a sense of peace and promotes acceptance of the self and others. If you find yourself in a heated debate with your opinionated uncle, holding rose quartz can help to release frustration and hopefully propel you towards a mutual understanding.

As the holidays can often instigate intense situations, having these crystal allies can help relieve the tension and promote a sense of ease. May they assist you in your holiday travels, celebrations and in welcoming the New Year. Blessed Be.