Stones for New Beginnings, Growth & Flourishing by Moorea Kern

Following the heaviest rains we’ve seen in over five years, we can expect a vibrant spring full of new growth and fresh potential. The Spring Equinox arrives on March 20th, marking the official beginning of a new seasonal year and providing us with the opportunity to use all of the wisdom we hopefully yielded from inner reflection this winter. This is the optimal time to plant the seeds for any intentions you would like to see to fruition in 2017. Three stones that may assist you in this energetically fertile environment are Moss Agate, Malachite and Pyrite.

A gentle yet powerful crystal, Moss Agate has been known as a stone of agriculture throughout history as it encourages new growth and prosperous crops. It’s been used to promote stability, improve strength and balance Yin-Yang energies. Moss Agate clears unwanted energy to make room for the things we would like to attract and instills a sense of calm, mental concentration and perseverance. A stone of abundance, it attracts wealth in all forms making it an ideal assistant for new business ventures, hobbies and spiritual development.

Malachite offers us the energy of transformation through enhancing perception, nurturing growth and protecting against negative energies. Popular among the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Russians, Malachite has served as a talisman of good fortune and spiritual development for centuries. Its rich green bands resonate at the heart chakra to encourage empathy, emotional balance, and expression to achieve inner peace. Malachite works to enhance a stronger connection to the Earth and in turn support our ability to co-create with the universe. This link serves to remind us to actively work on bringing our dreams into reality.

A stone of vitality, vibrancy and will power, Pyrite is an excellent tool for leaping forward with confidence. It’s resonance with Fire promotes a sense of warmth and connection to the Sun, encouraging one to tap into their innate ability to manifest. Helping to remove illusions and instill courage, Pyrite’s emboldening properties empower the user to take action, persevere and maintain good faith that all will work out in the end if we work hard and stand up for what we believe in.

Like anything in nature, good things take time to grow and thrive. With daily care and the freedom to be, we can see the intentions we plant now flourish and exceed our wildest expectations. May these stones assist you in all of your pursuits and projects this year. Blessed Be.