Stones for Gratitude, Compassion and Connection by Moorea Kern

november-crystal-photoWith troubling news headlines, the strained election, and the holidays right around the corner, it’s enough to make one want to hibernate until the flowers bloom in spring. However, now is one of the most important times for us to come together and embrace the difficulties presented to us.

It’s a time to ask significant questions, such as what do these challenges have to teach us about ourselves and each other? How can we use potential provocations and internal conflicts to strengthen our relationships rather than hurt them? And most importantly, how can we learn and grow in the face of adversity? When I ask myself these questions, I always return to the importance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Three stones I find particularly beneficial for this process are Garnet, Chrysoprase and Quartz Clusters.

Garnet is a rich, red stone, which assists in connecting and stabilizing the root chakra to the Earth. This provides vitality and self-confidence during unsettling times. A stone of commitment, gratitude and courage, Garnet is an essential tool for imparting self-love and forgiveness as well as releasing malignant feelings to replace them with compassion and acceptance. Supporting you from the root up, Garnet may be used to overcome internal imbalances and encourage the user to maintain a mindset of optimism, order and objectivity.

Second is Chrysoprase, a vibrant variety of green chalcedony, which is known as a stone of fellowship, abundance and divine truth. Working on the level of the heart, it promotes joy and happiness, assisting the user in releasing anxiety and ego-based negativity. By connecting to the vibration of divine truth, one may acquire a deeper understanding of their circumstances and be able to approach each moment with compassion and ease. This is an extremely helpful mindset to hold while in a debate with a coworker or family member, as everyone should be able to express themselves, in a respectful and considerate manner.

Finally, I find Clear Quartz Clusters to be a physical representation of the beauty and power in coming together. Each point stands alone while remaining connected at their base, which is a lovely way to imagine our place in society. We may all be individuals, but we are all human and need to support and work together to achieve common goals. Clear quartz is often a favorable stone to work with as it promotes a sense of clarity and unity. As light refractions create rainbows, the entire color spectrum reminds us of the variety of paths we can take, if we consider the possibilities. Working with Clear Quartz in cluster form encourages a sense of kinship, delight and lightheartedness.

We all have a variety of valid solutions to the questions aforementioned, but my suggestion for success involves cultivating compassion and gratitude for ourselves so that we may be more available to to give and receive openly and graciously. To come together with an open heart and open mind with those in our community–because after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? May your work with these crystals be an enlightening experience and your holiday season commence with a positive start. Blessed be.