Stones for Angelic Connection by Moorea Kern

fullsizerenderAutumn is upon us with all the wisdom it has to teach us. As the Equinox marks the start of Fall, so do the turning of the trees and the subtle shifts in windy weather. Although we are blessed to live in the temperate paradise that is Santa Barbara, we remain aware of the slight change in the air, the soft chill that leads us to the back of our closets to pull out those comfy boots, thick sweaters and even a few scarves. Ever since I was a child, the wind has represented the whispers of the heavens, rustling leaves and ringing wind chimes, carrying messages to those who are willing to observe them. Four stones that can enhance our abilities to understand these messages and communicate with angels and benevolent energies from beyond are Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Amethyst and Selenite.

Angelite, or Blue Anhydrite, is an obvious first choice for communication with the angels. Its serene blue color has a wonderful calming effect, instilling peace and clearing the higher chakras for easeful communication with spirit. Angelites high vibration encourages contact with guides in the angelic realms and may benefit those who are strengthening their psychic and channeling abilities.

Angel Phantom Quartz, also known as Amphibole Quartz, is a powerful combination of minerals that includes Limonite for psychic protection, Kaolinite for intuition, Hematite for grounding, and Lithium for soothing tension and releasing stress. Along with the clarifying, high vibrational quality of quartz, these inclusions assist the user in communication with angels by grounding earthly energies and raising celestial awareness.

As Amethyst is a stone of serenity and healing, it is an excellent stone for communicating with angels.  Amethyst can work to clear connections between planes and therefore enhance abilities to channel and receive messages while protecting against psychic attack. Its radiant purple energy activates the crown chakra, accessing the user’s higher self and attuning to angelic consciousness during enhanced states of meditation and lucid dreaming.

Last but not least, Selenite is a powerful stone for connecting with angels and guides as it is connected to the moon, making it a tool for uncovering the unconscious and illuminating truth from the darkness of the unknown. As the moon’s element is water, Selenite also represents the mind’s ability to stay fluid and intuitive, although it is important to keep in mind that Selenite is water soluble! A powerful cleanser, Selenite clears away energy blockages, dispelling negativity and attracting cosmic love and angelic wisdom.

Wherever the breeze might take you this season, may these stones assist you in connecting to your spirit guides and angels who are whispering their divine messages in the wind.