Reflection and Revelry in December 2017 by Teresa Taylor

Season’s Greetings!

Like an eager 8 year old I see the season to come with eyes of wonder and delight. It has been awhile since I tapped into a child-like holiday joy and it feels good. All the magic of the lights, singing carols, mugs of hot chocolate, smells of pine mingled with cinnamon—comfort and joy are mine to share with friends, family and strangers alike. Reclaim your innocence, it has power.

I am ready for both time to reflect and time for revelry in this last month of 2017.  The mystery of the winter solstice is that it contains both opportunities in abundance. The shorter days and longer nights draw me inward. I make sure I have ample times to take stock and check in with myself on the happenings of the past year. Winter storms will come to blow away anything dried out or dead from my life. Then comes the creative piece of beginning to envision any needed or wanted course adjustments in the creations of the coming year. The magic of a new beginning is right around the corner.

We are being called to awaken at an unprecedented speed. So gather around a fireplace, a tree or a table to share stories, laughter and maybe even a few tears. Let’s use this precious time to envision in community a way forward in peace, hope and love.

May you be blessed
With the spirit of the season, which is peace
The gladness of the season, which is hope
And the heart of the season, which is love.

Teresa, spirit of Thule, Tucker, Huxley and all at Paradise Found