Now Showing: Eugenie Quan Corral, Visional Artist!

Paradise Found is proud and delighted to be featuring the work of Visional Artist, Eugenie Quan Corral! 

Eugenie began her journey traditionally, earned a BFA with distinction in graphic design at California College of the Arts, worked in advertising, at a TV station, and owned a design firm. Becoming a mother, she volunteered for over 16 years in public schools contributing her design and business skills and raising over $800,000 for education.


Her intention is to use art purposefully.


She began noticing healers arriving in her life, during travels, and messages for wellness were repeating themselves. She was attracted and open to nontraditional concepts that improved the health of mind, body, and spirit. The means to retain this information was her vision. By way of painting and photography, she had a venue to capture the lessons for herself, and for others if they were open to them. This was an opportunity to share and give. As an emerging artist and a budding student of mindfulness who has lived more than half a lifetime, Eugenie has messages with intentions for wellbeing to be released into art. She is grateful to share with you.

Mindful Art & Giclée available for purchase.       925-597-2426