Now OfferingTherapeutic Aromatherapy Consultations with Donnalynne Shaw!

-Want more energy throughout the day?

-Need to feel more in control of your life?

-Have a wellness issue to address?

Paradise Found is excited to be bringing Therapeutic Aromatherapy Consultations with Donnalynne Shaw to our community!


Upcoming Dates: August 18th, September 15th, October 20th (3rd Friday of each month)

In your private consultation, you will co – create a comprehensive wellness program with targeted blends to help you achieve optimal wellbeing. We will address your personal goals using blends of the highest quality essential oils to facilitate your goals of balance, relief, and wellness.Donna Lynne

Donnalynne Shaw utilizes her gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance to offer insight, imagery and inspiration to her clients. She is passionate about creating paths to emotional and physical health as well as spiritual and personal growth. Donnalynne has worked as a spiritual intuitive coach for over 30 years. She is certified as a personal life coach, aromatherapist, hypnotist, and flower essence practitioner offering a women over a 50’s group and a Vision Board Group.

Your Investment: 30 minute consultation 50.00
plus 15 minute blend time

Typically oils range between 20.00 – 40.00


“With her knowledge of medicine, the human body, personal intuitive readings and compassion, Donnalynne Shaw brings to us her Aromatherapy Oils.   Beginning with Nature,  she draws on her skills and applies for each individual.  May you be so fortunate!   

Last Winter, an illness repeated itself causing me to be miserable, exhausted and missing from work.  I went to the doctor sooner this time and acquired the traditional medication and prepared to wait ten days.  After a couple days, Donnalynne prepared a special oil which I took with a little water 2 or 3 times a day and applied under my toes.  Within a day, I began to feel better.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.”

Love and light, Sharon B.         


“In the pursuit of well being & transformative spiritual guidance, I became acquainted with Donnalynne Shaw & her high frequency essential blends. These are sourced from the finest essential oils & specifically blended to heal, serve & protect those that use them. Contained in small precious vials are remedies for all our modern woes, anxiety, fear, broken heartedness, and pollution or negative energy. They can also promote dreams, clarity, and creativity, attract love, bring joy and other symptoms of well being.I use & travel with these blends, finding that the oils assist me getting up & over any obstacles that limit me, be it emotional or external forces.  Donnalynne Shaw’s essential blends are apart of a deep self care ritual that supports the expansion & growth I desire in my life and relationships. I am continuing to discover the many mysterious layers and benefits from these sacred blends.”

Tracy R.


Her topical natural pain relief oil is a miracle! I had a horrible sore throat and lozenges weren’t cutting it, so I rubbed a few drops into the front of my neck and within 15 minutes I felt complete relief! – B.G.