Navigating Mercury Retrograde with Ease by Moorea Kern

Navigating Mercury Retrograde with Amazonite, Hematite & Labradorite

When a planet enters retrograde, it appears to be going backwards in the sky from our point of view on Earth. The key word is “appears”, as they are creating the illusion of backwards motion and therefore can cloud our thoughts with illusions, or what appears to be true but really isn’t. This is often why retrogrades are known to bring lots of surprises, as people are expecting things to be one way when they’re really something different.

Depending on which planet is in retrograde, we can prepare ourselves for work to be done in the areas that particular planet rules over. The second mercury retrograde of the year occurs from April 9th – May 3rd, and brings with it lots of complex and ultimately motivating energy. As Venus is also in retrograde during this time and going direct on April 15th, issues involving communication, love, money, and travel will be key areas to keep a discretionary eye on.

As mercury retrograde often brings trouble in the realm of communication, Amazonite is a key tool for working through it. Amazonite helps the user to speak with clarity and grace, fostering clear communication and artistic expression. It offers calming and soothing energies which will prove to be beneficial during times of anxiety and stress. Amazonite’s light aqua blue color is reminiscent of the element of water, reminding us to go with the flow and follow the path of least resistance.

When going with the flow just isn’t cutting it and everything seems out of control, Hematite is the perfect grounding crystal to use as it brings balance and stability. Its heavy composition draws the user back down to Earth, drawing out any excess or negative energy from the body’s energy field. Rather than fall victim to an illusion of the mind during this retrograde, practice grounding exercises with Hematite to bring you back to center.

Last but not least, Labradorite is an essential stone for working with retrograde energy. Its flashes of color represent flashes of insight, sharpening our perception and tuning us into higher consciousness. A powerful protective stone as well, Labradorite will aid Amazonite and Hematite in protecting your energy field from unwanted influences. Through strengthening intuition and blocking as much outside influence as possible, Labradorite can help the user navigate retrograde with a keen eye for what’s real and what’s not.

Although the planetary energies may seem daunting and all powerful, it is important we remember to use our power to work with them if we are to yield positive feedback from our experiences. Retrogrades present illusions as opportunities for us to see the flip side of situations. By using these stones in conjunction with this planetary energy we can further nurture our ability to discern what we need from what we want. Rather than fear the surprises ahead, stay on your toes and be ready to dance through it all. Blessed Be.