May Flower Moon: Herkimer Diamond, Ruby, and Jade by Moorea Kern

Vesak Full Moon

With the Santa Ana winds distinct presence right now, it reminds me of the beautiful fact that warm winds of spring spread pollen and encourage new life through disruption. With five planets in retrograde at the moment, we’re all feeling the call to turn things on their head and embrace the inevitable change in our hearts, minds and seasons. The Flower Moon occurs in Scorpio this year on May 10th, marking a time of abundance, rebirth, unity and inspiration. This Full Moon is also the joyous celebration of the Buddha’s birthday, better known as Vesak. Buddha Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha, a wonderful reminder of the cycles of life and of the never-ending journey towards bettering ourselves and the world around us. Three stones that encourage connecting to our heart center during this potent time for celebrating life’s blessings are Ruby, Herkimer Diamonds and Jade.

A captivating and revitalizing stone, Ruby is a wonderful stone for inspiring passion, protection and prosperity. Ruby’s vibrant red color cleanses and reenergizes the base chakra, instilling a sense of well being and ultimate stability. They are revered as a holy stone in Buddhism, as it is said that the Buddha shed ruby tears. Ruby energy assists in the practice of connecting to the divinity of the Buddha by promoting concentration, inner peace and faithful commitment.

Herkimer Diamonds serve as an “attunement stone” working to manifest pure, divine Light and amplify spiritual energy. Promoting clarity, truth and spiritual development, Herkimer diamonds are known for their ability to amplify loving energies and retain memories for future recollection. Mentioned numerous times in Buddhism, diamond’s represent the enlightened wisdom and gifts of discernment we can attain through meditation and seeking clarity of the mind.

A symbol of serenity and luck, Jade has been used across cultures for millennia as a talisman of good fortune, protection and peace. Jade is a great tool for accepting things as they are and promoting the will to address what can be changed. It’s nurturing and purifying energy helps cleanse the heart of trauma and increases tranquility, harmony and compassion. In Buddhism, Jade represents the five cardinal virtues of chastity, courage, justice, modesty and wisdom.

Although there may be change in the wind, refuge of the heart and community are safe spaces for us to take stock of all that was, is and will be. May you find the time to sit under the Flower Moon to enjoy a powerful moment of reflection and celebration. I encourage you to take the opportunity to connect to the heart with the assistance of these stones and give thanks for all that surrounds us. How wonderful it is to be anything at all. Blessed Be.