Love Is Our Resistance by Teresa Taylor

Even if the sun rises in the west,
the way of the bodhisattva is the same.

–Suzuki Roshi

Midwinter greetings to our friends and community,

Here we are on the downhill slope from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox. Sweet. How’s everyone riding the currents of the maelstroms of the past month?  I trust you are discovering how to be an informed, engaged, effective global citizen while maintaining an open heart and vital well-being. My own discovery process started out unevenly, but as I reach down into my toolkit—big and varied–covering mental, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions, I am gaining ground.

Yes, at first there was the morning when I fell down the rabbit hole of chasing news stories when it seemed like each new day brought a barrage of outlandishness designed to create giant, splintering distractions. After my second bout a few days later, as I bit the hook of distraction and evidence gathering, I noticed how I was feeling and functioning. Not good—jittery, unfocused and sucked dry of vitality. I was losing the thread of the people and places who and where I could contribute to that were right in front of me. So I stopped, returned to the breath, got grounded, centered, and flow returned.

Whatever we do for ourselves grants us the spiritual muscle tone to be agents of that in the world. (Caroline Casey)

Guidance to self: Breathe. Ground. Center. Flow. Express love. Respond rather than react. Show up with your whole, glorious human being-ness. Continue to mimic evolution—grow, develop and rise. Wake up and stay awake. Cock-a-doodle-do—we have a Fire Rooster Year and Love Celebrating to do!  I can, will , am. We can, will, are.

With love and gratitude, let’s be Valentines!

Love from us to you,

Teresa, spirit of Thule, Tucker, Huxley and all at Paradise Found