Crystals for Harmony, Clarity and Grace by Moorea Kern

Jasper, Chiastolite and Hematite on Quartz

As the world around us grows increasingly uncertain, refuge can be found in the sanctuary of a grounded heart. The power within is the most potent source of clarity, healing and universal love- it just requires us to tune in. Although there are many, many distractions around us, it is important to maintain optimism, internal peace and an unrelenting sense of resilience. How do we nurture this innate ability? By tuning our heart radio into the natural rhythms of the Earth. What better way to assist this process than with the radiant energies of Jasper, Chiastolite and Hematite on Quartz.

Known as the “Supreme Nurturer”, Jasper is a stone of strength, stability and comfort. Representative of the creative nature it comes from, Jaspers come in an assortment of colors and patterns, all of which resonate on a solid, earthy frequency. Aligned with the electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth, Jasper is an excellent tool for connecting with the present moment, the physical body and the consciousness of Nature. It encourages one to reflect inwards to find inner fulfillment, wholeness and strengthen the spiritual connection to all things.

Chiastolite, a variety of andalusite known as the “Cross Stone” for its natural cross formation, is a stone of balance and harmony. It helps bridge the gap between mental and emotional bodies to encourage a symbiotic relationship between the mind and heart. Chiastolite also assists in creative problem solving, adapting to change and promoting deeper meditation. Said to be an avenue to the Akashic Records, or collective unconscious, Chiastolite aids in bringing cosmic wisdom from spirit and ground it to Earth.

Last but not least, Hematite on Quartz is a fascinating combination of two favorites. Independently, Clear Quartz works as a crown chakra stone, enhancing clarity of mind, cleansing all chakras and connecting the user to the ethereal. Hematite works on the opposite end of the spectrum, as a root chakra stone it works to promote balance, protection and stability on the physical plane. Working in unison, Hematite on Quartz serves to amplify and balance each other’s energies. This fosters a grounded yet graceful approach to life; much like two individuals with different talents can bring out the best in each other.

Moving forward into the unknown, having these earthly allies will aid in staying true to a path of positivity. As we turn inwards to nurture ourselves, we proportionately enhance the wellbeing of all. By connecting with the essence of which we truly are, we can in turn give back the best of our gifts to our community. In these times of uncertainty, embracing the change and acting with grace will be key components to reaping a fruitful harvest in the months to come. Stay grounded, think clearly and always remember to choose love first. Blessed Be.