Clear Quartz~The Bearer of Light by Moorea Kern

As yet another year comes to a close, the familiar warmth of the holidays bring about a sense of peaceful receptivity. The call to simplify and reset before embarking on yet another trip around the sun brings Clear Quartz to the forefront of my psyche. A “divine mind” stone of clarity and harmony, it is the quintessential crystal to support one on their enlightenment path. It’s high vibrational energy uplifts and unifies one’s body, mind and spirit to a place of serenity. Absorbing, regulating and releasing energies, this master healer stone assists in integration and manifestation of one’s intentions. Coming in many different variations, Clear Quartz’ universal light energy may be channeled to suit both specific and comprehensive purposes.

Working with Clear Quartz in cluster form encourages a sense of kinship, delight and lightheartedness. As each point stands alone yet connected at their base, it is the ideal shape to strengthen a sense of community and connection.

A singular point works as a conductor, channeling energy in a focused direction toward or away from the body. This form is excellent for enhancing concentration and memory recall.

Double terminated points serve as a bridge between two points by channeling energy in two directions at once. This makes them excellent aids for communication and meditation.

Contrary to the focused energy of a point, the uniform shape of a quartz sphere emits energy in all directions. Representing the infinite of the universe, spheres are often used to increase awareness and objectivity.

The Merkaba is a sacred geometric symbol representing the universe’s masculine and feminine elements in perfect balance. Quartz merkabas promote the flow of wisdom, clarity and compassion as they align one’s spirit with the infinite pattern of life.

Rejoicing in loving company, hearty meals and recollections of months past, it is the perfect time to set intentions for the coming year. Programming Clear Quartz with your vision will help you stay on track to follow through on your ambitions with the same brilliance as this magical stone. May this crystal in all of it’s many forms serve you well as you share your presence this holiday season and beyond!