Book Picks: End Your Story, Begin Your Life, by Jim Dreaver

Paradise Found is honored to welcome Jim Dreaver – author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life – to the store on September 15 for an evening program and book signing!

The freer we are of our ego-based “story,” which reacts whenever we’re worried or stressed—being right, controlling, judging, blaming, holding grudges, clinging to expectations, resisting what is—the more present, clear, and in the flow we are.

This book teaches the freedom practice. Every time we find ourselves distracted by a thought or “story,” or are suffering in some way, that’s our signal to remember to come back to our breath, ground ourselves, and be present.

As we watch ourselves inwardly, we notice how our thoughts and “stories,” feelings and emotions, come and go—including this ego “I” we’re so identified with—yet “we,” as awareness, are always here. If we’re emotionally triggered, we experience it without any “story.” Our reaction came from our past and was real then, but is not real now. Only what’s happening now, our circumstances, is real.

Then we can deal with whatever we’re facing—a relationship conflict, financial issue, work situation, or health challenge—with a clear mind and calm emotions, guided always by the wisdom of our heart. Plus, we have a new, happy “story” to share!

Jim Dreaver is the author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life, and has taught at Esalen Institute and elsewhere for many years. His own awakening happened after a 20-year search. His teacher was European nondual master, Jean Klein. He lives with his partner, Tanya, in Santa Barbara.  Visit for details on private sessions with him, and his new book (only in PDF at this stage), Flowing in Freedom: Mastering the Simple Practice that Ends Suffering.

Paperback: 16.95