2018 Class Schedule: The Science of Intuitive Energy Healing Work, with Lani Reagan

Paradise Found is happy to be hosting a year’s worth of monthly classes led by Lani Reagan – certified intuitive life coach – every 3rd Tuesday from 7:00 – 8:30pm.

Intuition is possessed by all, but latent in most. Additionally anyone with the will to do good, has the innate capacity to use intuitive energy healing techniques to accelerate their healing process or that of their loved ones. You will want to make this a regular part of your monthly learning curve as Lani not only teaches, but also does group healings and encourages you to practice what you learn. Her capacity to reach the hearts of her student and to assist them in facilitating transformation makes her sessions lively, interesting and fun.

Monthly topics listed below…

Jan 23rd- The Science and Magic Of Energy Healing– While energy-work may seem mysterious and magical, all energy-work is based on factors that govern everyone regardless of race, religion or social status. The human experience of sickness and aging creates the need for information and techniques to use for self-healing and self-empowerment. This workshop will leave you with knowledge and techniques to be able to produce measurable results immediately while creating a foundation for deeper learning, stronger healing skills and power. Bring an empty spray bottle for making your own aura spray for use in this experiential and interactive event.


Feb 20th- Which Way Do Your Chakras Spin?– Have you ever had your energy read or assessed by a professional? Most of us only come to this question after we have exhausted our efforts in modern medicinal approaches. Learn about the details of each chakra and how to work with them instead of working against them un-wittingly. Since everything is energy and our bodies need energy to heal, perform and engage this workshop will leave you with information on how to hasten healing and balance in your life on many levels.


March 20th- Mind Over Matter; the Energetic Connection– We are swimming in a sea of energy. Our thoughts emit energy that make up our psychic radiatory field, which impacts our environment. Working with the mind becomes relevant when using intuitive energy healing techniques to keep your vibration high. Movement of energy can be accomplished using many techniques, and this class will focus on a few ways to shift the energy to cause our moods to lift. making sure that the healing techniques we use and practice on ourselves and others is of the highest vibration possible.


April 17th – The Energetic Matrix of Connection and Relationships– Our relationships are little individual universes that hold a lot of healing potential for us. No matter what the quality or current condition of your relationship(s); whether there are family issues or personal relationship issues (or even if there isn’t one but instead, a desire for more growth and evolvement), this class will focus on how to grow, heal and deepen all of your relationships. Techniques to practice individually and jointly will be taught and discussed.


May 15th – Summer Love Soulmate Relationships– Everyone has a need for connecting with a significant other for partnership, security, passion and companionship. Learn about how to use energy healing techniques to call in a partner by prepping yourself for more love in your life. As well, heal past relationship traumas; identify negative programs and re-align them to co-create opportunities for passion and relationship in your life. Also, good for couples wishing to deepen their current experiences of togetherness and sharing.


June 19th – Developing the Intuitive You!- Learning how to see energy is possible for anyone who wishes to learn about the chakras and the aura. Would you like to find out what your dominant psychic ability is and how to practice techniques to “see”; “hear”; and “feel” energy? This is similar to last year’s Crystal Ball of Intuition workshop and will include meditation and group practice. As well, discuss the nature of what energetically is seen during class-practices, and receive your formal energy assessment in-person during the class.


July 17th – It Is In Giving That We Receive– Energy can be used to increase our ability to receive. Learn about the chakras that govern receiving and those that help us to generate more income and create more value no matter what industry we are currently in. Meditations will include a focus on improving financial affairs and also address issues of finding and creating more fulfillment in your current line of work. Learn how to open up more to your own creative projects. Individual readings and assessments will be given so you can gauge your progress with using the information throughout the month.


August 21st – Energy Healing in the Workplace and in the Community– So you have healing skills, now how do you use them in the mainstream? Can energy healing actually impact your environment? Discussion includes techniques, examples and practices. Especially useful for those instances where stress, strain or challenging circumstances make it seem unchangeable or hopeless. Come prepared to experiment with using the techniques on your unique conflicts or obstacles without needing to share what your obstacle is.


Sept 18th – The Power of  Words to Inform Your Energy– Words carry our intentions through our tone as well as the content. Tones are vibrations that can impact our bodies and environment. Learn about the power of the sound of words and explore the hidden words your psyche may be holding onto keeping you from your intended goals. Use the voice to sound sacred words that generate energy and have cleansing effects on the chakral system. Experience the opportunity to participate in group mantra practice and musical accompaniment for healing purposes.


Oct 16th – Your Body; Your Energy. The Nature of the Real Self- Energy with Consciousness is the truest aspect of the Self, not your body, thoughts or emotions. While we strongly identify and often need to identify with these aspects of our Selves, an over-identification can leave us mis-aligned with our greatest source of inner power. Discussion includes the nature of consciousness; techniques on how to harness the natural power available to us; understanding the healing aspects of consciousness via angelic beings and the energy of our ancestors.


Nov 20th – Universal Love is the Greatest Healing Agent– While not ascribing any credit to any religion, the term “christ-consciousness” refers to the power of love and compassion for healing and wellness. In the spirit of the holidays we will discuss and use techniques not only to improve our family relationships in preparation for family gatherings but also focus on healing techniques to create better communication, year-round in the coming year of 2019. Come with particular people and settings in mind so that healing of past traumas can be performed, potentially creating a more positive holiday experience.


Dec- Happy Holidays! Class out for the holidays! ;-)