Loving the Beast… by Anna Chapman

Not fear. Maybe, out there somewhere, the possibility of fear; the wall that might tumble down, because it's for sure that behind it is the sea. ~Rafael Guillen Fear is a familiar component of human existence. Most people know what it is to be … [Read more...]

Mistress Moon Meditation by Anna Chapman

Oh mistress, mistress moon silver, silver blue Reaching down to brush the mist away eyes bewitched, that shards of light might pierce the heart releasing swells, of Love we glow. The glow of the moon, the brilliance, the shape, the images, the … [Read more...]

May~the Establishment of Values by Anna Chapman

Architecture is basically a container of something. I hope they will enjoy not so much the teacup, but the tea. ~Yoshio Taniguchi, architect redesign MOMA It is a long and complicated history that we experience here, busily establishing our selves … [Read more...]

What Does It Take to Be at Peace by Anna Chapman

The more I tuned in directly to love, the more I could see that love is the light of our mind. It is a pristine state of consciousness that has zero mass…love is what you experience when you empty your mind of attachments to judgment, self-criticism, … [Read more...]

November~A Time for Listening by Anna Chapman

And everything together, all the voices, all the goals, all the striving, all the suffering, all the pleasure—everything together was the river of what is, the music of life. And when Siddhartha listened attentively to the thousandfold song of the river, … [Read more...]