New Music Release from Deva Premal: Songs for the Sangha

Draw near, draw near and I will whisper in your ear, the name whose radiance makes the spheres to dance. ~Rumi Songs for the Sangha, the latest offering from Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, marks an incredible exploration of new musical terrain … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~Peace, Through Music

Con Te Partiro...Time to Say Goodbye... At this exact moment, there is an intense polarity existing within me. After nine years with Paradise Found, I am off on a new adventure and with that, DJ Darren is retiring. (Unless I become an actual DJ!) All … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~February Peace Through Music

According to Webster’s Dictionary, nectar, from classical mythology, is the life-giving drink of the gods. I think that this ‘nectar’ was Love. Love is one of the most basic of human traits—and one which should arguably be the easiest! Yet love is easily … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~January 2015 Peace Through Music

Good music makes a good life... As mentioned in the DJ Darren article back in September 2013, Dream Time by Deuter was the "hands down winner" from the stack of potential new music for Paradise Found to carry. Well, it turns out that it has also … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Spread Holiday Cheer is Singing Loud For All To Hear

Holiday CDs are in stock...a collection of best-sellers from years past & brand new CDs never before carried. Also in the mix, current best-sellers and "holiday-esque" music we feel fits nicely into the seasonal charm, nicely rounding out our Top 12 … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~December Peace Through Music

Individually, Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai are amazing musical artists. Together, they are a tour de force with a total of 19 Grammy nominations between them. They can do no wrong! Ritual is the latest musical partnership (and first collaboration in … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~November Peace Through Music

Light Body Sound Healing by Aleya Dao Aleya Dao is a Santa Barbara based sound healer, energy practitioner, and spiritual guide. We carried her previous CD, Awaken, for many years & it was a delightful CD to have playing in the store; filled with … [Read more...]

Feeling hot? Here’s a CD to help keep you cool…

Most of my fellow Santa Barbarians, I have found, love the hot weather (in general, but even as of late). I, however, do not have the constitutional makeup for it. When the weather starts pushing 80, I start melting. So when we received a new demo, … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~September Peace Through Music

When thinking about what to write this month for DJ Darren, I must admit I was at a loss. There isn’t anything new & amazing in our music world this month. Yet, when reflecting on our upcoming Life Force Theatre event with Drs. Bradford & Hillary … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~August Peace Through Music

Music changes our sense of time, how we experience the world around us. It can expand our perceptions and bring clarity to the mind. The auditory structures of harmony, rhythm, and melody affect the rhythms of the body, and the nonverbal language of music … [Read more...]