Learning About Your Chakras by Lani Reagan

Your chakras are part of your energetic anatomy. They are the key to the alchemical process of bringing soul-energy into the physical form. Without your chakras you would not be able to express through your body. A physically dead body has no chakras, … [Read more...]

Transmuting Worry-Energy Into Grace & Poise by Lani Reagan

What would you say if I told you that living a life without needing to worry is possible? Did you know that worry-energy brings your auric frequency to a lower vibration, thus making healing rates on all levels a bit slower? You could say that perpetual … [Read more...]

Raising Your Frequency for Love by Lani Reagan

While November marks the kick-off to the season of celebrating, getting into the holiday mood of merriment can sometimes be a challenge for a variety of reasons. Whether you are hoping for a special someone to share it with or navigating challenging … [Read more...]

Understanding our Dark-sides by Resting in the Light! by Lani Reagan

Who doesn’t get angry, sad, anxious or ambivalent? Who hasn’t behaved in a way we were later sorry for? While it may be human to deny our shadow tendencies, it’s by honoring our dark sides (without a need to deny them or justify them) that we welcome in … [Read more...]

Mastering the Magic of Love-Energy by Lani Reagan

I love teaching about the magic of love energy because it’s the simplest way to transform any situation; it’s accessible to us any where we find ourselves; and the results are often surprising.  What is love-energy? Energy is much more than an … [Read more...]

Receivership: The Key to Having What You Want by Lani Reagan

3 Ways to Increase Your Receiving Abilities Are you a good receiver or do you cringe when others give to you, whether it be complements, gifts or recognition? Do you complain about work or your employer, even though you are getting paid and the money … [Read more...]

4 Practices For Awakening Your Psychic Abilities by Lani Reagan

So you are naturally more intuitive or seem to be very intuitive in certain situations, but you are not sure what to make of it. How can you learn about your skills since these are not topics found in the normal academic curriculum in school. Maybe one … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Tell Your Psychic Abilities are Developing by Lani Reagan

While recent technologies and science has verified the existence of things unseen to the naked eye, it’s worth nothing that before their discovery, these unseen things were always in existence. They simply were not discovered or harnessed until relatively … [Read more...]

Love What You Do & the Money Will Follow by Lani Reagan

How do I know that loving what one does encourages money to flow in? Because when we are loving what we do and enjoying and seeing good for our hard work, the Force of All That IS (or soul-energy), thrives and moves outward, bringing us our greater good. … [Read more...]

Love Energy! Sex Energy?! by Lani Reagan

Yes, I said “Sex Energy”! How can you maximize this energy to co-create and deepen your current relationship? Or maybe you wish to attract a partner or heal an existing relationship? April is here and “Love is in the air”! Spring brings vitality and … [Read more...]