Welcoming Summer: Fire Agate, Citrine and Blue Apatite by Moorea Kern

Spring is in full swing as the days grow longer and the flowers bloom brighter than they have in years. Isn’t it marvelous? Everywhere I look there are fresh tendrils of life stretching their limbs to be embraced by the warmth of the Sun. Students of life … [Read more...]

May Flower Moon: Herkimer Diamond, Ruby, and Jade by Moorea Kern

Vesak Full Moon With the Santa Ana winds distinct presence right now, it reminds me of the beautiful fact that warm winds of spring spread pollen and encourage new life through disruption. With five planets in retrograde at the moment, we’re all … [Read more...]

Navigating Mercury Retrograde with Ease by Moorea Kern

Navigating Mercury Retrograde with Amazonite, Hematite & Labradorite When a planet enters retrograde, it appears to be going backwards in the sky from our point of view on Earth. The key word is “appears”, as they are creating the illusion of … [Read more...]

Crystals for Harmony, Clarity and Grace by Moorea Kern

Jasper, Chiastolite and Hematite on Quartz As the world around us grows increasingly uncertain, refuge can be found in the sanctuary of a grounded heart. The power within is the most potent source of clarity, healing and universal love- it just … [Read more...]

Shungite: A Fresh Start by Moorea Kern

After an eventful and challenging 2016, it’s time to welcome in 2017 with open arms and an open mind. Sounds easy enough, yet if we are to do this, and do it right, we cannot carry any outdated baggage with us. In other words, we are unable start a new … [Read more...]

Stones for Peace, Love & Unity by Moorea Kern

Take a moment to close your eyes and think of your favorite childhood holiday memory. Breathe in the smells, visualize the company, and hold the sweet excitement in your mind’s eye. Let the warmth of the hearth in your memories warm your heart in this … [Read more...]

Stones for Gratitude, Compassion and Connection by Moorea Kern

With troubling news headlines, the strained election, and the holidays right around the corner, it’s enough to make one want to hibernate until the flowers bloom in spring. However, now is one of the most important times for us to come together and … [Read more...]

Stones for Angelic Connection by Moorea Kern

Autumn is upon us with all the wisdom it has to teach us. As the Equinox marks the start of Fall, so do the turning of the trees and the subtle shifts in windy weather. Although we are blessed to live in the temperate paradise that is Santa Barbara, we … [Read more...]

Crystals for Surviving Summer Heat by Moorea Kern

Another warm summer season is upon us, and we’re all looking to our favorite ways to beat the heat. Maybe yours is a refreshing glass of iced tea or a double scoop of McConnell’s ice cream. Perhaps it’s partaking in a water balloon fight with the kids or … [Read more...]

Three Crystals for Healing, Grief and Grounding by Moorea Kern

As life gifts us with many blessings, inevitably death reclaims them to keep balance. Naturally, this brings grief as we mourn what must leave. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the close of a relationship or the end of a chapter, it is important to … [Read more...]