DJ Darren~February Peace Through Music

According to Webster’s Dictionary, nectar, from classical mythology, is the life-giving drink of the gods. I think that this ‘nectar’ was Love. Love is one of the most basic of human traits—and one which should arguably be the easiest! Yet love is easily … [Read more...]

New Release…Healing Ancestral Karma by Dr. Steven Farmer

Is it possible that you have inherited the karma of your family members? Could this explain why family members often go through the same trials and tribulations generation after generation? And if so, is there anything you can do to break the … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~January 2015 Peace Through Music

Good music makes a good life... As mentioned in the DJ Darren article back in September 2013, Dream Time by Deuter was the "hands down winner" from the stack of potential new music for Paradise Found to carry. Well, it turns out that it has also … [Read more...]

New Release…God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong by Neale Donald Walsch

Is it possible that everything we think we know about God, and what God wants, is wrong? Could humanity s ideas about all this be the greatest inaccuracies . . . ever? Would it matter if they were? The author of the multi-million-selling Conversations … [Read more...]

New Release…Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit In Every Woman by Jean Shinoda Bolen

The indomitable Jean Shinoda Bolen gives meaning and purpose to women's lives through the retelling of important archetypal myths, and her bestselling classic Goddesses in Everywoman has been widely read and soundly praised by women everywhere-from … [Read more...]

Crystals, Crystals & More Crystals!

We have just visited with all of our crystal vendors & have a glorious new selection! Stop on by and check out our new stock. There are so many goodies to gift yourself or someone else! On Friday 12/12, from 5 - 6:30pm, Clifton Harrison will be in … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Spread Holiday Cheer is Singing Loud For All To Hear

Holiday CDs are in stock...a collection of best-sellers from years past & brand new CDs never before carried. Also in the mix, current best-sellers and "holiday-esque" music we feel fits nicely into the seasonal charm, nicely rounding out our Top 12 … [Read more...]

DJ Darren~December Peace Through Music

Individually, Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai are amazing musical artists. Together, they are a tour de force with a total of 19 Grammy nominations between them. They can do no wrong! Ritual is the latest musical partnership (and first collaboration in … [Read more...]

Reader Status Update!

Reesha, Beth Scott, & Lani Reagan have joined the ranks of our regular readers! You can find them each here at Paradise Found 1 Friday of every month.  Click on each name below to view their profile & the date of their December … [Read more...]

New Release…Power of Grace by David Richo

This is a good book—that is, filled with goodness, kindness, and wisdom. Deftly avoiding theological sand traps, David Richo shows us simply and practically how to increase our attunement to ‘the gift dimension of life. ~Cynthia Bourgeault, author of … [Read more...]