Activating Energetic Protection with Dr. Valerie Girard and Dr. Fleur Nelson

Nov 17 2017 - - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Ground. Center. Shield.

Join us for a two-hour presentation delineating the necessity for, and, parameters of energetic protection in a spiritual practice.

We will discuss the need for boundaries, the nature of empathy versus compassion, discerning  “what is mine”, reading energetic fields and actual practices for personal and group protection.

Participants will leave with a personal meditation mantra card.

The PanHarmonic Healing Disks will be available for purchase.

Your Investment: 10.00
Pre-register in person or by phone (805) 564-3573


Dr. Valerie Girard has shared her holistic healing practice with the Santa Barbara community for over 35 years, blending science with spirituality. She draws from her studies of Tibetan Buddhism, shamanism, Native American studies, and her studies with Carlos Castaneda, Lynn Andrews, Brooke Medicine Eagle and many others. She has a BA in Theater Directing and a Doctor of Chiropractic from LACC. She has taught theater, meditation, health, energetic healing and yoga.

Since 1988, Dr. Girard has channeled healing and spiritual protocols into a body of work called PanHarmonic Healing, which she both teaches and utilizes in her practice. This healing format details five thousand levels of consciousness that allow practitioners to encode functional, emotional and mental healing protocols, the shamanic and Goddess embodiments, the Sacred Laws of all world spiritual paths and the Sacred Powers into themselves and their clients.

Dr. Girard has recently formed The Immortality Club to create a community of practitioners trained to utilize specific teachings to enhance vitality, increase personal power, and accelerate spiritual evolution and as well as to Self-actualize for the good of all humanity.


Dr. Fleur Nelson has devoted her life to understanding and healing the human psyche. After decades of teaching, mentoring and counseling, her primary focus now is on reconnecting people with Nature.  She has come to see this is what is most needed in our culture to create balance, harmony and transformation of the collective. Her purpose is to bring the personal growth movement to the next phase, connecting it with the collective psyche to create supportive, conscious awakened communities to benefit all.

Dr. Nelson is known for the clarity and understanding she brings to the human condition and her ability to speak truth with grace and compassion. Her spiritual journey began at a young age with initiation into the ancient mythology and psychology of her native Greece and led her through the depths of Tibetan Buddhism onto a wide-ranging exploration of shamanic traditions, depth psychology, somatic psychology and energy healing practices. She holds a Master’s degree in Integrative Counseling Psychology from Regents College, London, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she is on teaching staff.