Intuitive Arts Tasting! Fall Equinox Edition

Sep 17 2017 - - 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
Albert Einstein

Reflect, Rebalance, Recalibrate!

Sample, Taste, Explore, Savor or Indulge!

Balance is moving to changes in our inner and outer seasons.
We invite you to have your current self reflected back to you through an reading or readings.


Channel/Energy Clearing/Tarot ~ Anna Chapman
Palm & Tea Leaf
~ Reesha
Runes ~ Sierra
Spiritualist Medium ~ Donnalynne Shaw
Tarot ~ Kristine Marie
~ Vicky Lyons Elliot

All readings are 30 minutes for $40.
Purchase 2 or more readings and receive a 10% discount on all store merchandise!

Buy one ticket or buy several–Spend them with one reader or with several!

Enter your tickets to win a ½ hour complimentary reading with the reader of your choice.
To be redeemed on a different day.

Bring a friend!

Channel/ Energy Clearing/Tarot ~ Anna Chapman ~ Discover how simple life can be when you are clear. We hide much from our selves through fear of having to let go of something that is not ours to begin with—the story of who we think we are. Anna is a clear channel and gifted healer, available to assist you toward recognizing the truth of who you are so that life becomes a reflection of that truth. Peace prevails, and ease and grace flow naturally all about you. Step out of the illusion and into the light!

Intuitive Tarot ~ Vicky Lyons-Elliott ~ Vicky began what was to become a full blown love affair with the tarot more than thirty years ago. She has a passion to clarify issues and to point people in directions that are healing and empowering. She believes that we all have the answers within us and the cards present a picture of our authentic selves, illuminating old outworn scripts and habitual patterns. Her unique multiple deck approach gives a multilevel experience focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Vicky has a BA in psychology as well as being a third level Reiki healer, an animal Reiki healer, a certified earth energy healer and a life coach, with a strong predilection towards all things shamanic, spiritualist and divine in nature.

Palm and Tea Leaf Readings ~ Reesha ~ When I was a few years old, my mother would say “Reesha would you…”, never finishing the sentence as I would run out of the room and fetch what she wanted. It was a joke to my older siblings who would always hide things, trying to stump me. When I was four, I saw the death of a family friend in the tea leaves in my cup. And I have been doing it ever since!

Runes ~ Sierra ~ Sierra offers a variety of readings based in runic awareness. The runes can be a fascinating tour guide into the deeper levels of our innate wisdom, and have been held in such regard for thousands of years. They have served as language and oracle for the people of Nordic, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon heritage (to name a few) for generations. They are language: Literally and picto-graphically, they represent entire concepts, ideas, and energies with meaning across every area of life. They are oracle: They have been consulted over the ages as a direct connection to divine source, simultaneously reflecting back to the inquirer the wisdom they already possess.

Spiritualist Medium ~ Donnalynne Shaw ~ Utilizing her gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance, Donnalynne offers insight, imagery and inspiration to her clients. She is passionate about creating paths that lead to physical and emotional health as well as spiritual and personal growth to promote everyday wellness. Donnalynne has worked as an intuitive coach for over 30 years. She is also a Certified Aromatherapist, Life Coach, Hypnotist & Flower Essence Practitioner.

Transformational Tarot ~ Kristine Marie ~ Kristine’s readings are interactive. Together you will enter into a conversation, ignited by the cards that show up for your questions, and empowered with her (and your) intuition, insight and guidance about what they bring up for you; past, present and future. The more you are willing to go deeply into your own process and share what the images and archetypes elicit in you, the better the conversation and the results will be! Each reading is an opportunity for you to access your own information and align yourself with your truth on how to move forward in the best way for you.