Intuitive Energy-Healing Workshop with Lani Reagan

Mar 21 2017 - - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Lani Reagan

Join Lani Reagan in this workshop:

You Can Do It!

Exploring the field of all possibilities while improving your mental focus and ability to follow through. Working with the basic and heart chakras to create our positive intentions as we finish the quarter more ahead of the game than before. Emphasis is on disintegrating tendencies towards procrastination and fear of perceived failures or fear of success. Group meditation to encourage and strengthen the will to do good.

Lani’s intuitive healing and her style of teaching supports all levels of growth and development. She has helped hundreds find new ways of co-creating exciting realities in physical recovery, relationship healing and personal achievements. If you are looking for a new approach to growth and can use an energetic booster shot, and some intuitive guidance register to reserve your spot today!

Classes are $20 for those who preregister, and $25 at the door.

Register with Paradise Found (805) 564-3573 or for more details email or

(805) 338-5745