"I Am The Word" Presentation and Interactive Discussion with Patricia Diorio

Mar 3 2017 - - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

This evening with Patricia will be an interactive experience where she will give you a true sense of the message from the channeled text, I Am The Word by Paul Selig,

Patricia has been working diligently with this book and the four subsequent books…all delivering the same message. The authors identify themselves as Ascended Masters who are working with us to assist in our ascension process as Humanity takes another major turn on the evolutionary spiral. If you are any way attracted to this presentation, then please join us for an exciting evening that may change your life forever…no hyperbole!

From Patricia:

“I Am the Word is not simply thought provoking  information that reaches deeply into the recesses of our souls. It is vibrational.  Reading the book and working with the powerful meditations it offers actually lifts the vibrational frequencies of our bodies. The experience is palpable and real.

Please join me for this amazing exploration into our true nature as the embodiment of the Divine in human form, and our innate power to create through our Word.  We are the Word.”


“Before I read I Am The Word, I had pretty much retreated from life feeling there wasn’t much left for me at the advanced age of 77.  Now, through my work in Circle and with “I Am The Word, I have discovered a fresh outlook and a greater vision for my life.”

Maureen M. Santa Barbara


“This book is rocking my world and deepening my knowing of myself in ways I can’t quite articulate.  Suffice it to say it’s amazing, transformative and illuminating.  It’s a gift to be participating in circle with Patricia and to be engaging the wisdom and guidance of this book.”

Sabrina N. Santa Barbara


“This book is very powerful and moving. It offers a profound deepening of our spiritual awareness and connection to our Higher Selves and to our Guides. It’s a life changer…”

Tracy W. Santa Barbara


“I am now choosing to think only those thoughts which will bring me peace and will align me to a higher consciousness. I am doing this easily and through my own intention to know myself as Word. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”
Personal affirmation from “I am the Word”


Patricia Diorio, M.S. is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives by helping others understand the connection between science and spirituality. She has over 20 years in private practice as a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive in Santa Barbara, CA. Over the years she has assisted hundreds of clients move to their next level of excellence in life by helping them tune into their own inner guidance and gain clarity on how to achieve their visions and goals.  She is also the founder, producer and co-host of Get Consious Now!, a television show airing monthly on TVSB in Santa Barbara. She lives in Summerland, CA with her two lucky kitties, Harmony Magic and Joy Lovie.