Rocks That Rock Us: Rose Quartz–Healing Your Emotional Body

Gentle, soothing, healing…just what our frayed emotions need right now!

Properties of Rose Quartz

  • Perfect for Heart Chakra Work, Purifies & Opens the Heart
  • Imparts the wisdom of the True Essence of Love
  • Brings Deep Inner Healing & Self-Love
  • Excellent for Use in Trauma or Crisis
  • Draws off Negative Energy & Replaces with Loving Vibes
  • Aids in Acceptance of Necessary Change
  • Releases Unexpressed Emotions & Heartache
  • Soothes Internalized Pain
  • Transmutes Emotional Conditioning that No Longer Serves
  • Strengthens the Physical Heart & Circulatory System, also Works with Issues in Lungs, Kidneys & Adrenals

Excerpted from, Crystal Bible v.1 by Judy Hall, $19.99