Transmuting Worry-Energy Into Grace & Poise by Lani Reagan

What would you say if I told you that living a life without needing to worry is possible? Did you know that worry-energy brings your auric frequency to a lower vibration, thus making healing rates on all levels a bit slower? You could say that perpetual worry is like a prolonged state of inner suffering, which makes this an important topic. While I would say that happiness is a choice, it’s not always easy when we are too attached to the idea that worrying is the best and most expedient way to get there.

So, then, how can we learn to live a life without needing to worry? There’s a number of ways, techniques and modalities to speak on, however below are some short-cuts to stop worry in it’s tracks and create inner peace for more flow and healing. More involved and more comprehensive teachings can take you deeper when you step into my personal mentorship program, but these steps should give you a head start.

1. The first step is to realize and then remember that you cannot worry enough to improve any situation, period. Worry will only enhance the energy of the undesirable outcome. At the same time it’s like a train that has momentum and needs time to slow to a stop before it changes direction. Catch yourself worrying and remind yourself that it’s only a product of the mind, and the mind can be re-conditioned. This is a process so be patient with yourself, since kindness and patience are not only free gifts but are the fastest ways to institute change. People (We) change through love and allowance and not through force.

2. Once the train has come to a stop, through the practice of becoming aware of our excess worrying, and having patience and compassion for ourselves while learning, now what? Validate that your worry does have some positive aspects, it allows you to express concern for all that’s valued and loved; it can call in solutions to problems you might anticipate. But excess worry can lead to a desire to control or micro-manage situations taking us deeper into anxiety. It can move us to gripping and grasping and an unhealthy state of being overly attached to a person, viewpoint or outcome. This state of consciousness is usually reflected in our bodily posturing, so notice the degree of tenseness or rigidity in your body and feel where in your body you’re experiencing it. Slow, deep and conscious breathing to a rhythm of inhaling for a count of 6 and holding for a count of 3, while being aware of the areas of tenseness will loosen up the energy and give worry some further release. This is Ryhtymic Breathing. Practice 3-5 breathing cycles to create spaciousness.

3. As you are breathing, consider that all the details that we want to obsess about are usually not at the seed of the need to worry. Usually the need for worry is due to younger parts of ourselves that bought into beliefs of being unsafe, or endangered, when we experienced fear in response to past experiences. When we felt disempowered or somehow at major risk, our young selves made it mean a variety of things, and our worries are usually based on these old things. Because the truth of the matter is that something happens, it means nothing and we then make it mean something; these meanings to things that we created (at the mind level) are only slivers of a wide array of perspectives. Understanding that what we are making things mean is not necessarily the only reality is part of breathing space into any situation. The action of gripping onto our limited perspectives as if it’s the ultimate truth, is the ego needing to protect us in some way, that actually serves to our own undoing. So step 3 is to breathe space not only into the tenseness in the body but to breathe flexibility into the hardness of the mind that wants to hold onto it’s perspectives. Breathe into the mind-space by taking 3 rhythmic breaths into the heart area and then 3 rhythmic breaths into the crown of your head. Then take 3 rhythmic breaths into both the heart and crown areas of the body. The focus must be in the heart and then at the crown, in a single pointed fashion; then both the heart and crown. thoughts, Don’t bother with any thoughts that interrupt this process; simply be focused on the heart and crown while breathing.

4. The idea is not to change worry by force, but to use awareness to create spaciousness, which contains the potential for peacefulness. Then, a sensation of release, will begin to form within you; and this is the beginning of letting go. Interestingly enough the ego-ic parts of ourselves believes that if you let go, more fear and more worry will take over, but the opposite is actually true. So to effect letting go, one must share the initial sensation of releasing with the world or with others at large. Visualize the planet earth in front of you and send your easeful feelings to the earth at large, with your intention, or you may visualize the earth surrounded by pink light. Continue the breathing cycles and mentally affirm, “the light that me moves through me blesses me and all those on the beautiful planet earth”; “The Divine Light that is the Real Me witnesses the Divine Light in all others”. This Light contains the power within a person, that causes their Higher Selves to shine forth. So we are not only calling forth the most wisest, loving, powerful, intelligent aspects of our selves, but also calling it forth from all others, allowing for the best possible outcomes to manifest. Another 3-5 breathing cycles of blessing the earth and then the person or situation you are worried about it, brings greater degrees of peace and letting go.

5. You may notice that as you do this your body may relax and tingle; you may get a warm feeling, you may start to feel motivated to move your body or do something constructive for yourself, instead of being stuck in the paralyzing state of worry. You can deepen the penetration of divine energy into your body, by reflecting on how this situation is creating a life classroom for you to learn something valuable. This added aspect makes it more like a game instead of a task. Figuring out what it is we are needing to learn, how the Universe is challenging us to grow becomes a process that replaces the tendency to get, be, do or have through manipulating or over-controlling a situation. It can become our common state of being to turn the worry into a game in which we propel our lives forward and create more loveliness in every aspect of our lives. Always end this sequence with a reverent utterance of gratitude as this is the frosting on the cake that seals in your brief practice. With repeated use, this can take you further away from a need to worry and deeper into a magical state of co-creative empowerment. Wishing you every success on your journey!

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