The Runes: A Language of Oracle by Sierra

Wise he is deemed who can question well,
And also answer back:
The sons of men can no secret make
Of the tidings told in their midst.

Hávamál 28

            Question: In what area of your life are you experiencing the greatest resistance? In the past, how have you moved through that resistance? Have you moved through it, or did you battle it, acquiesce, crave advice? What conversations do you have with your inner narrator regarding resistance? How has your inner language supported or hindered your progress though these points of transition?

            Resistance (aka “difficulty,” “challenge,” “problem,” “overwhelm”) is an exquisite teacher. It is our own inner guide to where we most need to grow at a given time. We each have our patterns of how we approach resistance, as well as deliciously historic stories we tell ourselves about the true nature of the issue at hand. How do you dive beneath the narrative to get to the root of the presenting problem?

runes            The runes can be a fascinating tour guide into the deeper levels of our innate wisdom, and have been held in such regard for thousands of years. They have served as language and oracle for the people of Nordic, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon heritage (to name a few) for generations.   They are language: Literally and pictographically, they represent entire concepts, ideas, and energies with meaning across every area of life. They are oracle: They have been consulted over the ages as a direct connection to divine source, simultaneously reflecting back to the inquirer the wisdom they already possess.

             My journey with the runes began in 1989, when a fellow student introduced me to the runes. Upon learning they were of Anglo-Saxon heritage, I was enthralled; these are my ancestors, too! However, as a 14 year old girl in the provincial Southeast, how would find a teacher? There was no Internet yet to seek out the local runesters. All I could do was study and hope, as if the sheer power of my hoping would open doors…until one day, it did.

            Teachers appeared mere months later. Upon entrance to their home, I spied the runes among the many beautiful and intricate tools that were stationed about the room. I flew in bounds to the low table where they lay, black stone staves against the rough-hewn wood. I was entranced! From that moment onward, my journey with the runes has been deep and varied and full of growth. For several years, the runes were a definitive part of my construction of self-identity and spiritual connection.

            My spiritual wanderings took me far afield, and the runes went “underground,” into my subconscious. They continued to appear to me in dreams, in architecture, in the patterns of nature. Seeing them, I was stung into the remembrance of my heritage through this language of oracle. Over time, I integrated them back into my conscious life, bringing me to this moment in time, when I offer them to you.

‘Ere long I bare fruit, and throve full well,
I grew and waxed in wisdom;
word following word, I found me words,
deed following deed, I wrought deeds.

Hávamál 140

Please join us for a brief presentation and demonstration of rune work at Paradise Found on June 17 at 7pm for an exploration into how the runes can support you in discovering your own inner language of oracle to create the life you seek.

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