Space, Expansion & the Beast Within by Anna Chapman

In between the old and the new there is an empty space. It is a time when the lessons and learnings of the old story are integrated. Only when that work has been done is the old story really complete. Then, there is nothing, the pregnant emptiness from which all being arises. Returning to essence, we regain the ability to act from essence…we can choose from freedom and not habit.

~Charles Eisenstein,
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Space, the place between the stories, where a footfall echoes in the stillness, a sound drifting anonymously into deep indigo. The mind ponders not, or if it does, wanders hither and yon searching for an answer perhaps, without finding one. The Truth is in not knowing. Deep indigo is everywhere and obscures our view of the day. The day, will not unfurl in front of us in the usual way. Nor will we linger in disappointment, disharmony or disagreement. No longer are we chained to a limited existence.

In this space there is room to expand into freedom as there are no limitations here—no identification, no particular agenda. There is the freedom to breathe, to stretch out and touch the pause between thoughts; to allow the thoughts to meander, morphing as they do, like clouds on their way nowhere and having come from nowhere. Eventually they return to nothing, a wisp, vapour, now gone. A thought, in the deep indigo is deep indigo. How do I search for that? How do I separate that thought from it self, from essence, all that is. How do I separate this ‘self’ from essence? With a thought…yet now we cannot find a thought that is not essence by which to create a notion of separation. We accept.


You are not earth, water, fire or air.
Nor are you empty space.
Liberation is to know yourself
as Awareness alone—
the Witness of these.

~Ashtavakra Gita

Space is where we have an opportunity to rest into what we have always known; that which is unchanging, unmoving and ever present Self. I am not this body/mind, a separate individual. There is nothing that is separate from the all inclusive nature of Reality. This, our Truth, seeing that in everything is deeply beautiful. The notion that we are separate from that causes us pain, to suffer.


The source of all suffering is a sense of separation between you and everything else. That separation is always fictitious but that fiction is always very powerful.

~Leonard Cohen (

In stillness I observe without thought. And simply watch as deep indigo becomes various shades of blue bleeding out across a changing landscape. The landscape has been changing, coming and going for eons. The source from which this landscape originates is infinite, eternal, ever spattering the canvas with paint and water and the creative energy to embellish life with what arises from the fires of stillness. There is clarity only and Truth. An old oak, standing stillness for 200 years, I ask to share that. There is a hush, and joy that seeps across my face in a smile as I embrace that which is my true nature. There is gratitude and a sense of elation whenever we embrace Truth.

Why would we deny our selves this joy, this freedom? Let us look at XV the Devil in the major arcana of the tarot as a potential answer to this question. Two puny humans chained to a block upon which sits their captor, part human, part beast. This character symbolizes the desire nature that motivates most of us in material reality. Rather than being threatening this card metaphorically suggests that the key to our salvation, freedom lies within our own heart.

The ‘beast’ exists within in each of us and promotes looking to that which is external for satisfaction. The man will look to the woman, the woman to the man for completion, as an example. The experience of relationship is a complex one indeed but if our goal in relationship is to satisfy that which we seem to be lacking our self then we will seldom find satisfaction. We may as well look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Having expectations of any thing replacing what appears to be missing in ‘me’ has kept us in a constant state of searching. Until there is nothing left to desire our hope of knowing peace and freedom is limited.

It is interesting to note that XV=six the number that is the Star of David, two triangles merging representing spirit into matter with ease and grace. In astrology a trine suggests the easy flow of energy of a common element. For example the three earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn share commonalities that make interrelationship easy. With spirit into matter the two triangles (which is an uncommon astrological geometry) merge with grace because there is shared common energy—hence the phrase as above, so below.

In all of the sixes in the tarot there is accomplishment, the suggestion of victory created by some notion that when I do not resist but ‘go with the flow’ success is assured. It is about allowing the boat to flow with the current, accepting what is rather than exerting the will of the ego in every situation.

The Devil indicates that there is some thing, some part of the story that needs to be let go of to create space. Space, the unknown can seem terrifying at times, hence our tendency to cling to what is familiar and that which creates our bondage. This is only one card in a deck of 78 cards. The other 77 cards all supply insight into how we might release our selves from these bonds. Per centage wise that is reason to be highly optimistic.

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