September: Through the eye of God…by Anna Chapman

Burn me like
This white fire
Grace of God
Until Nothing
But You.

~Mooji, White Fire

We look at the world and think we are separate from it. So we may feel small, overwhelmed at times and at times that the challenge is daunting; that, through the eyes of the individual. The individual experience is limited apparently to what the mind can conjure. We seek solutions based upon what our mind offers us. If we are solely directed by our minds and our thoughts we know a limited experience. Then we think we need to know more. So we effort. And as we struggle to find an answer to a small puzzle or one of life’s great mysteries without success we sigh and sit. With all possibilities seemingly explored, there is not a thought left in the mind. Suddenly the answer appears, arises from nowhere. It is a gift offered always from the source that is beyond the ability of the mind to comprehend.

The answer, what we seek, is beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend.

And behind every blessing we can’t explain, an unseen element brings us together when we are too exhausted to resist

~Mark Nepo, The Way Under the Way

The mind is a terrific tool, like a computer but as a computer is incapable of emotions for example but may define emotion, the mind has not the capacity to know Absolute Reality though it may attempt to define it. It is not the words that deliver enlightenment but the ‘energy’ of Truth beneath/behind/all around and including those words. Truth is when all else ceases, when all the layers of belief have been  ‘burned’ away. How are we to know Truth if we think we know anything?

Ignorance is the notion of two.
Knowledge is the notion of one.
Truth is beyond notions

~Mooji, White Fire

We are all one is a statement we hear frequently or perhaps only from time to time. Does that statement make sense? What does it mean when what we see and experience here is apparently quite different than oneness? What we see and experience here is dictated by our thoughts, our mind. Our mind precedes us in most everything. Oneness is ‘through the eye of God’  not an experience but what is indwelling. Indwelling is the earth that we hold and that holds us;  the sky that we breathe that breathes us. We are the holder and the held, the breather and the breathed. What is, cannot be other than One, no matter what that appears to be. There is only One.

Through the eye of God we know Truth not what the mind selects for us based upon past experiences. The eye of God is inclusive not exclusive, accepting not resisting and yet paradoxically is that too…is everything.

Tarot Cards are a tool and like the mind are limited but have the interesting ability to bring clarity to confusion and simplify life. Through the example of the Tarot one may access the river of wisdom that continually runs through everything. Tarot cards like a wizened dame point to the path of least resistance and open the heart to embrace all possibilities. They may still the mind and allow one to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ beyond the minds constant desire to figure things out so that we may feel safe and secure here; still the need to know to prevent anything endangering happening in our lives. We so fear the unknown. Yet it is the mystery of the unknown that so vitalizes us here! The not knowing, Truth be told is, why we get out of bed every morning.

The Tarot card that best exemplifies the unknown and the mystery of the journey is the Fool 0, the first of the major arcana, those 22 cards that focus our attention upon growth and expansion rather than the every day minutia that typically keep us ‘nose to the grindstone’. Minutia has little to do with unfolding into knowing Self represented by the last of the major arcana, the World XXI.

The Fool has been mentioned several times over the years of writing this monthly post as it is with the innocence of the child that we begin our journey of Self realization. If the tea cup is full not possible to enjoy a new tea. The first step one takes here at the zero point is one we take with faith, faith that our true nature is not the body/mind and so not subject to the limitations that the world of duality prescribes. It requires nothing to take this step, only the willingness to make the journey, to move without knowing where the first step will take you. It is exciting; the not knowing is exciting!

By the time we have arrived at the World all of our illusions have been destroyed. We have ‘been there done that’ so many times that there is little left to tempt us further. We have recognized that attachment is what creates separation and the thought that we are separate is what promotes suffering.

With infinite wisdom we stand ‘above it all’, see with the eye of God and are free to know the joy of simply being. It is a gift that once received we are ever grateful for as there is no gift greater than the knowing of Self in this physical world. As awareness, we are here, open to everything and then find the openness of all things toward us.

(October’s article, The Power of Grace)

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