Runes for Transformation by Sierra

“I need help,” she said, as she dropped into the chair with a sigh. “Wonderful,” I replied. “Awareness is the first step to breakthrough!”

“I have no idea what runes are. I just walked by and felt the need to come see you,” he said. I smiled. “I feel honored that you chose to do something different, and I get to be part of it!”

“I’ve read about runes for years, but this will be my first time working with them in real time,” she said. “It sounds like it’s kind of like tarot, but with stones and symbols?” “Yes, and…”

As the community at Paradise Found has become more and more familiar with rune readings as part of the offerings here, these and other conversations have been the furtive beginnings of enriching encounters of transformation: of understanding, relationships, and life itself. They have also led me to compile some basic introductions to the work taking place. My hope is that this article will address some of the basic questions that often precede these encounters.

I offer 15, 30, and 60 minute readings. I often utilize the following formats, yet I am open to the leading of Spirit and the specific situation each client presents.

Yes, it is true that rune readings resemble tarot in some respects: the symbols represented have collectively understood core meanings, which are then interpreted in relation to the other symbols in the reading. There are specific spreads that can be used, as well as “random” draws.

My work with runes involves a more collaborative inquiry process, which invites the client into an inner reflection. The runes and I cannot tell you your future; likewise, I will not tell you what to do, based on what the runes are reflecting. However, I will invite you to consider the perspectives brought forward in the spread and help you find the answers you seek. Formats often follow one of these models:

15 minute reading: Three-Rune Draw

If you’re short on time or just want to get a taste of the runes, this is a good choice. You will draw three runes, which will frame our considerations together. This is a reading for those with a succinct question or who are seeking a “spiritual check in.” My experience is that the runes offer such rich material that most 15 minute clients wish they had scheduled 30 minutes.

30 minute reading: Four Directions Spread

This is a good reading for the client who has a clear question and wants to go deeper than 15 minutes allows. Starting in the center, we consider the heart of the matter. Then we move to the South, the place of learning lessons, taking chances, and being a bit of a rebel. Moving to the West, we consider what we can harvest in from the learning, how the information helps us begin to tap into our reflective mind. As we come to the North, we consider what view the ancestors might have on this situation and what your own Wise Mind can contribute (that is, mind beyond intellect). It can also be a place of rest. By the time we come to the East, we are considering action steps, focal points for the change you want to see in your life. This seems to be the most popular reading, allowing one to go as deep as you wish in a moderate time frame.

60 minute reading: Nine Worlds Reading

The Nine Worlds Reading is a deep dive into the layers of the self, psyche, ancestors, and Spirit. It also begins in the center and unfolds utilizing a bilateral technique, which unifies both hemispheres of the brain and produces a calming effect on the nervous system. We will look at what’s working for you and against you; what’s stuck and what’s generative; what your gut is telling you, as well as your mind; what the ancestors, angels, and Spirit Itself can offer. This reading consistently evokes transformative shifts in understanding that last far beyond the reading. Some of my consistent clients report integrating these readings over a period of months and even years. If you’re ready to go really deep on an issue, this is the reading for you.

Personal Empowerment Reading: The Power of Your Name

This reading focuses on the letters of your birth name, considering the various options for spelling within the runic system. The choices of phonetic letters will be considered in light of the meanings the symbols carry and how each option resonates with you, what feeling tone it elicits. Then we systematically comb through the name, exploring the meaning of each symbol and how it reflects life events or life goals, or both! The interrelationship between the letters and their order in the name provide greater insights into self, and help the client come to more congruence. Ultimately, you will be invited into a meditative work on your own to bring the symbols together into a personal talisman to integrate into your life for personal empowerment. Names of three or more can be done in 15 minutes; 4-6 letters can be done in 30 minutes. Anything longer should be covered in 60 minutes, though the deeper you want to go, the longer the session should be.

My experience with the runes has been transformative in my own life and for many with whom I’ve shared it. I look forward seeing current clients and meeting those of you who have been dancing on the edges, considering coming in, on Friday, August 4, from 1-5pm.

About Sierra: My journey with the runes began in 1989. Upon learning they were of Anglo-Saxon heritage, of which I am also, I delved into study. From that moment onward, my journey with the runes has been deep and varied and full of growth. The runes have been a definitive part of my construction of self-identity and spiritual connection. I offer a variety of reading and personal work based in runic awareness.