Receivership: The Key to Having What You Want by Lani Reagan

3 Ways to Increase Your Receiving Abilities

Are you a good receiver or do you cringe when others give to you, whether it be complements, gifts or recognition? Do you complain about work or your employer, even though you are getting paid and the money supports you? Do you find yourself reluctant to pay your bills or bemoan the cost of rent every month? If you complain about your mate or spend time feeling badly that you are still searching for partnership, then your receivership skills needs some polishing.

Receiving is an energy; a state of consciousness that precedes our experience of having or getting. I do not much care for the term “getting” because it in soul. It refers to the material aspect of a thing which value quickly fades. But receivership is a state that is ongoing and is never exhausted. To be in receivership is the same as the natural state of your inhalation and exhalation. It’s often overlooked but is central to our degree of inner alignment and inner peace, as well as. a requirement for building a purposeful and meaningful life.

Below are 3 key practices to use to boost your skills and increase the rate and pace of your in-flow. There are more than 3, and I teach these in my workshops and in my private sessions. But these 3 can get you started in the process.

1.Receivership can be enhanced when we focus purposefully on the word “Having-ness”. Just think about it for a bit and your mind will come up with all the things you actually have. From the basic privilege of breathing to more tangible items. This in turn will engender a feeling of gratitude which will only increase your energy towards “having-ness’. Your mind will recognize that if it has enjoyed the having-ness of a certain amount of friends, that a larger group of friends is possible and most likely inevitable.

This can can apply to a job or an amount of money, or a new place to live. If you write the word down in capital letters (HAVING-NESS) and stare at it for 3-5 minutes a day, while doing slow and deep breathing, you will be surprised at how it moves you into greater degrees of receivership. Also, focusing on the state of having-ness anytime throughout the day, will further build your skills

2.  One enemy of receivership is the thought-forms related to our beliefs around not having or receiving that which we want. Negative emotions like anger or worry, activated as a response to lack in our lives keeps us largely out of receivership. It actually pushes that which we desire away from us. When you notice that your words or emotions are of this vibration, recognize it for what it is, a habitual practice of resistance.

Resistance is the opposite of receivership. In my private sessions, we delve into the exact origins of such resistances so these can be removed allowing one to be more in flow, but it’s possible to work with your resistances privately, to increase your receivership. When you find your inner voice gets into words of lack or pouting or complaining, or just plain grouchy, it’s important first to recognize the voices as resistance. Seeing these as forms of resisting, makes them less powerful. Visualize your whole body lit up like a lightbulb, while you take a few deep breaths. This light is the Receiving aspect of your Self. It’s the god-portion of you that needs more concentration in your body to be able to bring you what it is you are wishing for. If we get mixed up and think that what we wish for will only come under very specific circumstances, like only if I have the right living space or the right partner or the right job or a better workmate, we are fooling ourselves and again keeping what we wish for ourselves, at bay. Better to increase the concentration of Soul energy in our bodies so that it can begin to heal any resistances and also create greater alignment with our inner desires.

3.  Receivership means being open to ALL the GOOD the Universe has for you. It is not simply a means to getting what you want in a controlled and demanding fashion, which can be termed manipulation. Now manipulation is not bad in itself, but it’s more work than receivership is. Receiving is about being in divine flow and order, where it all takes place easily, safely and properly.

On the other hand it doesn’t mean it won’t require work, because if we wish for big things the Universe will still bring us to the “doing” aspects that are necessary, to have what we are receiving. Staying open to ALL the GOOD means seeing the Light in others and all beings. Lighting up others by affirming the light through you moves through them, awakens and increases their degree of receivership and healing.

This technique has great value in healing conflicts in relationships as well as creating a space of elasticity between us and the things we are wishing for; like an elastic band that stretches but comes back towards you. Simply affirm mentally, “I See the Light and Power within me, as moving and expressed through you.” or “I Experience the Light and Power within me, as moving and expressed through you.” Both phrases will enhance your degree of receivership.

Used altogether you may want to take note of all the fun things that happen and all the opportunities that suddenly open up. Energy is not just hocu-pocus, it’s thought in motion with a frequency that is meant to create. If we are using the science properly to our advantage we can be more fluent in creating more love, light and healing in our live and in the world at large.


Lani Reagan is a natural clairvoyant and clairsentient. She has trained with Master Choa Kok Sui and his senior disciple, Stephen Co, through the American Institute of Asian Studies, since 2003.

As a Certified Life Coach, and Energy Healing practitioner she helps people find relief from emotional stress, physical pain and mental suffering. Her abilities and training allow her to read energetic factors and uncover negative thought patterns at the level of the subconscious mind. Together she works with you to transform these into workable solutions that bring transformation at very deep levels.

The information she channels and teaches makes her readings life transforming. Clients leave with less physical pain, and feeling more grounded, clear and motivated. For more details on the nature of her work and it’s benefits, visit or”