Re-Calibrate Your Energy for Rapid Transformation by Lani Reagan

Who can’t use more help in moving their lives forward? No matter where we are on the cycle of life, everyone is subject to illness and emotional stress of some sort and so it goes that the nature of the human journey requires access to knowledge beyond academia.

What would it be worth to you to have access to very specialized training that can potentially accelerate your body’s healing time, resolve emotional stress and relationship conflicts so that your health, wealth and happiness are more stable and vital than ever?

How could your life improve if you had techniques to hasten your child’s cold and ease their symptoms easily, naturally and without long wait times in a doctors’ office? Or, how about your beloved kitty cat or favorite canine companion? If you could use re-calibrating energy healing techniques on them potentially saving you money and time, would you want to learn and use this specialized knowledge in your life?

How would you like to live in the confidence that any obstacle you might encounter, is only temporary and that access to techniques that govern life force moving through your body, could bring you back to balance sooner than later, potentially saving weeks, months and even years ?

It’s a well documented statistic that stress-energy weakens our immune systems and increases risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke, to name just a few. So recalibrating your energy field has to do with minimizing stress and maximizing your opportunities so that you can channel more life-force and thereby potentially increase your rates of fulfillment, vitality, happiness, joy and abundance. I don’t know anyone who would not want to be able to experience deeper degrees of fulfillment, vitality, happiness, joy and abundance. While we are by nature pleasure seekers, we tend to be more motivated by the need to avoid and/or heal, pain and suffering, whether it’s emotional, physical or spiritual. So below are some pointers you can use and they give you an introduction to how my training can help you.

In my private 1 to 1 sessions, I see many success stories of clients using the knowledge they learn in my office, to move their lives forward on so many levels. There was Alexa (names changed) who was suffering from loneliness and wanted a partner. She had been married and had 2 teenaged children; her ex-husband was supportive and they were co-parenting, however she had endured a long history of her family treating her with a pattern of exclusionary and conditional degrees of connection, that left her feeling dis-empowered, unseen and devalued. Her healing process was connected to using the re-calibration techniques she learned to conduct more life force and love energy through her meridians and chakras resulting in a several rapid shifts. Each session yielded more results so that in a matter of weeks she began dating and moving through the process of interviewing potential partners and learning along the way to navigate the stress that comes with the dating scene. By the end of our time together Alexa had managed to heal her relationship with her family. The family dynamics began shifting because she was shifting. Shortly thereafter she met a very kind, caring and attractive man, who wanted to engage and support her emotionally, creatively, spiritually and financially. Alexa is only one of the many people I’ve assisted

and taught. While she did embark on a months long study program with me, it’s possible to benefit from only one or two hours of instruction. Kasey, for example was a young adult in her freshman year of college, with severe depression and a history of family conflict, that left her mother being the aim of her angst and aggression. Kasey learned many things that helped her re-orient her relationship to herself and her mother. This resulted in more space for them to connect in loving allowance and this re-kindled a healthier, new way of relating. While her mother would like for Kasey to study with me for longer, we are leaving it open to Kasey. I believe when the student is ready the teacher appears. So the question becomes “Are You Ready?”. Dynamic Healing Therapies is a rich body of work designed to take you deeper into your own healing and manifesting powers. If you are curious and ready, below are a few practices you can use, to increase your rate of energetic vibration and further prepare you to co-create an amazing 2018!

1) Anti-Stress Breathing pattern- Because vital life force (pranic energy) is not the breath, but in fact rides on the breath, particular breathing patterns facilitate the flow of energy at different rates and speeds. The yogic practice of mastering these complex breathing patterns is called “Pranayama”. In general, by the law of displacement, any congested energy lodged in the body’s meridians or chakras, that gets removed, automatically becomes replaced to a degree, by fresh energy. This means that even simple breathing can de-congest your energy field and allow the body and the nervous system more access to clean, fresh pranic energy, causing your fears to be allayed or for your mindset to keep working properly. So go ahead and inhale slowly and then hold at the end of the inhale for 1 second, and then exhale slowly and hold at the bottom for 1 second. As you continue this practice experiment with inhaling for a slow count of 7 and holding for 1; then exhaling for 7 and holding for 1. Gradually increase your hold times to 3, while decreasing your inhales and exhales to a count of 6.

2) Anxiety gets locked into our emotional framework because we buy into believing it is the ultimate reality and the ultimate conclusion of a matter. This habit freezes our fears and magnifies them into neon brightness, irrespective of the details. While breathing is the first step to cleaning out stress energy, the following practice loosens attachment to our perspectives, creating a more fluid state, potentially leading to a radical shift. While doing the anti-stress breathing, mentally say the following: on the inhale, sing or hum, “SO” and on the exhale sing or hum the word, “HUM”. I will be teaching the explanation for the wording, in my next workshop (Jan 15th at Paradise Found in Santa Barbara) but suffice it to know that it can ease up your stress levels dramatically. As well you are affirming your one-ness with the Light you are naturally. Practice 7-9 breathing cycles with this inner verbal practice.

3) Since energy follows thought (we will be experimenting with feeling pranic energy being directed by your thoughts on Jan 15th), commit to practicing a noticing of your thoughts without needing to make them mean something. This noticing can hasten a commitment to change and to a re-alignment with the Light that is the real You. The purpose is to develop the habit of noticing while maintaining a non-judgmental state so that fluidity increases by virtue of the noticing. Receptivity and flexibility are the basic of real transformation and these tools are more than toys that you use and then get bored

of. If you incorporate these into your daily habits, even at this level your life-game can start changing!

With these basic tools in hand you will be making yourself highly receptive to the pranic flow of energy that is responsible for all healing and recovery. More background and experiments await you on January 15th’s workshop. So January’s workshop is “Your Body’s Secret to Processing Dynamic Energy”. To pre-register call Paradise Found (805) 563-3573; or for details As