Raising Your Frequency for Love by Lani Reagan

While November marks the kick-off to the season of celebrating, getting into the holiday mood of merriment can sometimes be a challenge for a variety of reasons. Whether you are hoping for a special someone to share it with or navigating challenging family dynamics, it’s possible to work our frequency from the inside out, raising it for Love, in order to infuse our surroundings with a spirit of love. Want to create more holiday magic than you already have? Then read on….

What does it mean to raise your frequency for Love?

When you raise your frequency for Love, you find you are more able to view things in multiple perceptions. In other words, when we are resonating at a frequency lower than love, we are prone to having a narrow viewpoint, and a tendency toward assuming the worst in a situation about self or others. The first step in raising your frequency to Love is to work on seeing things from multiple angles. Drop any attachments to believing your current viewpoint is the absolute truth about a situation. Have patience to see things through another person’s perception, or many angles. This creates more spaciousness by which we can cultivate the soil of receiving-ness. Multiple perceptions give you more space to feel the Love You Are Inside. For example if someone rubs you the wrong way, instead of assuming that person is rude or has it out for you or is lazy or whatever judgments your mindset wishes to choose, honer your thoughts and feelings and thank them for appearing and then accept that it’s not the only thought or emotion you can hold about the matter. Even realizing it’s possible to open to multiple perceptions can be new for some, but this practice can lend itself to creating a greater degree of inner spaciousness making room for more love to flow through us.

With the spaciousness of multiple perceptions; having a wide angle lens as it were, the heart chakra opens naturally. This opening has a the potential to receiving Love to Itself, or in other words to One’s Self. If we can breathe into the beauty we are inside, irrespective of any wounds taking up occupancy, we raise our frequency for Love using our body’s innate capacity for healing. Breathing can even change our physiology and in turn our brain chemistry. Lean into feeling the love you are, with each breath, instead of attaching to blame or sadness at not having what we wish for. There’s no need to dismiss our initial perceptions or make ourselves wrong for initially choosing blame or anger. It feels better to honor our original perceptions as thoughts that can come and go as we please, in sake of wider perceptions that help us feel the resonance of Self Love.

Rituals serve to anchor our practice of breathing the love we are within, to a form of body movement that impacts the nervous system. Below are a few types of rituals to use if you want to anchor your breathing into the spaciousness you create within and let the love flow through you more plentifully and freely.

  1. Use a photo to anchor your love into the heart of a great teacher or a respected sage that you admire. Do your breathing in front of the photo while you affirm, “Thank you that my Love-Energy resonates with yours; that my attachment to any narrow perceptions be loosened; and that my Love for self and others increase. With gratitude, respect and love. So be it.” Feel the love flowing through you towards the essence of the teacher in front of you. The photo is only for the mind to register their energetic frequency, while the breathing moves the rib cage and changes your neurology.
  2. Fire can be a fine cleansing agent as can the use of incense. If you feel a need to call in more love into your life, you can light a candle while lighting incense to purify your energy field while affirming the following: “Thank you for this purifying light that begets waves and waves of love around and through me. May it bring me loving thoughts, in place of angry ones; instead of sadness halting me, let acts of kindness abound to and fro; may my love fill the room so that friends old and new appear, and may my happiness increase throughout the year.” Repeat this content as you spread the incense though your workplace or living space as you wish.

Have fun with these rituals and watch and see what happens and be willing to let yourself be surprised while observing what unfolds!

With every good wish for more love in your life,