Power Animal for May: Lark, by ‘Backyard Shaman’ Amy Katz, M.A.

Do you know the sacred songs of your own heart? Do you feel free enough to sing them, loudly or sweetly, from the high treetops of your daily existence? If not, let Lark be your vocal coach this melodious month of May.

Larks are one of the few birds that sing almost all the time, even in flight. They teach us not to separate joy and fun from the daily grind, but rather to infuse every action with artful expression. Does the thought of spring cleaning get you down? Sing about your mops and rags, or wax poetically the floors with rhymes that will make you, and anyone listening, smile. Feeling cooped up at work or at home? Whistle a little tune or whisper a comic ballad to your good humored co-workers, and watch the whole environment, within and without, blossom.

Lark reminds us that self- expression can be as sacred a form of spirituality as silence, and that singing takes many shapes and forms. Larks are also considered happy omens of female health and fertility. Whether you are trying to give birth to a baby, or a new project, surround yourself with images of larks, and put out abundant birdfeeders to attract other loquacious song birds: let your creativity and exuberance take flight!

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