October Common Sense Almanac by Ben Commons

Step with care and great tact, and remember that life’s
a great balancing act.

~Dr. Seuss

Tips for almanac use: All the aspects can be felt in advance of the occurrence. It is good policy to view these as due dates for various energies and prepare accordingly for your context. It’s akin to bringing an umbrella with you when rain is expected, but it also helps us to not take the weather personally. When we proactively manifest these symbols then the world doesn’t have to do it for us. Choose to be con(with)-siderate(the stars).

             So, October is here. It’s a tricky looking month, pushing us to be more of our now-selves while pulling us hard to stay mindful of and attentive to others. I guess awareness of our surroundings could be the theme. Or is it to watch what comes to us? Either way, hopefully it will stimulate healthy and smooth transformations.

            Mars trines Pluto on the 1st at 4:32 pm (pacific), stimulating the urge to purge. This is an ideal time for cleaning out junk drawers and closets and the like. Streamlined and functional is the goal. Work through some internal frustrations as well as you can.

            Venus trines Pluto on the 3rd at 12:00 pm (pacific), sponsoring more trimming and cleansing. If it isn’t serving you, let it go. Focus on what you really enjoy and how to make more space for that.

            Venus conjoins Mars on the 5th at 9:53 am (pacific), prompting us to realign our desires with our values. This is about wanting what we actually will like, even if that’s easier said than done. Make sure to handle relationships with care and reaffirm where necessary.

            The Full Moon is on the 5th at 11:40 am (pacific) in 12 degrees of Aries. This is a rather relaxed lunation for those who have been keeping up with it all. The main focus is on staying true to ourselves while being wholly present in our relationships. It’s always a delicate balance between showing up and being attentive at turns. Find the balance.

            Venus squares Saturn on the 8th at 5:54 am (pacific), tempting us to judge our growth a little too harshly. Progress is gradual and generally takes longer than we expect. Practice patience and hone the long-term perspective.

            Mercury conjoins the Sun on the 8th at 1:54 pm (pacific), asking us to re-center the mind-self alignment. Take stock of how you have changed in the last few months and work on shifting the thought patterns to reflect this. Be true to the new you.

            Mercury and the Sun square Pluto on the 9th at 5:24 am and 5:07 pm (pacific), frothing up all sorts of under-funk for processing and removal. This tends to stir the pot of our relationships, so be extra cautious with your words and extra attentive with your ears. Let go of false visions of others and practice sharing your true self without stepping on toes.

            Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10th at 6:20 am (pacific), where he will be until November 8th of 2018. This dramatically shifts the focus onto what feeds our passion and gets us excited about exploring. This is a time for diving into our psyches and seeing what new depths can be uncovered. As always, dance to your own drummer but be mindful that the dance floor has many participants.

            Mars squares Saturn on the 11th at 6:37 am (pacific), giving us a chance to measure our recent progress in terms of streamlining and keeping everything functional. The key is to stay patient and focused on steady progress instead of giant leaps. Be cautious in general and practice respect over judgement.

            Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 12th at 8:03 pm (pacific), letting us get to the business of talking things out and planning and adjusting and planning some more. Work on the to-do-lists and pay attention to missing steps. As per usual, patience is important.

            Venus moves into Libra on the 14th at 3:11 am (pacific), where she will be until November 7th. This lightens the mood and tends to make everybody more social. Be mindful and polite and get out there and have some fun.

            Mercury opposes Uranus on the 15th at 12:51 am (pacific), jolting us into awareness and more. The trick is to not indulge a false sense of urgency, yet still be ready to strike while the iron is hot. Take deep breaths and be cautious on the road.

            The Sun sextiles Saturn on the 16th at 4:13 am (pacific), prompting us, once again, to take stock of our gains and growth, learn from our mistakes, and keep on going. The main goal is to not get discouraged by what remains and focus on progress over destinations.

            Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 17th at 12:59 am (pacific), where he will be until November 5th. This deepens the conversations in general and can also make us more prone to take things unnecessarily personal. We all have our own processes, largely invisible, so it is often wise to focus on our own issues instead of distracting ourselves with other’s.

            Mercury conjoins Jupiter on the 18th at 1:55 am (pacific), getting some big ideas flowing and flowering out. The idea is to maintain a balance between the big picture and the details, so as to not miss crucial steps. Think outside of your normal parameters and see what you can come up with.

            The Sun opposes Uranus on the 19th at 10:34 am (pacific), pushing us all around and getting us shaking. The focus is on maintaining that fine balance between shining our lights and receiving others. Let your hair down and get a little wild, within reason.

            The New Moon is on the 19th at 12:12 pm (pacific) in 26 degrees of Libra. This is a rather crazy lunation that will make everyone feel as if they are hopped up on caffeine. The idea is to channel the wild and unusual into humor and fun and companionship, but it should be done carefully. Dance to the music.

            Mars moves into Libra on the 22nd at 11:30 am (pacific), where he will be until December 9th. This emphasizes the need to play nice with others, yet not let ourselves get taken advantage of or disrespected. Choose your battles wisely and don’t go looking for fights unless resolution is required.

            The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd at 10:27 pm (pacific). This season will center on emotional sensitivities to others who may be unaware of any transgressions. Ideally, things will come to light in due time and with adequate care, but don’t over-think things or make problems where they need not be.

            Mercury trines Neptune on the 24th at 8:56 am (pacific), asking us to relax and unwind the mind from all the tedium of existence. Read a book, listen to some music, meditate, or sing. Let it unfurl.

            The Sun conjoins Jupiter on the 26th at 11:10 am (pacific), offering a refresh and reboot to our systems. This is about regaining buoyancy and optimism and letting the pains drift away. Look within for passion and without for inspiration.

            Venus squares Pluto and Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 27th at 8:19 pm and 8:22 pm (pacific), stirring the pot of our relationships and making for some possibly dangerous communication. The idea is to focus on undoing our own fears, projections, and pains while being available to others.

            So, we’ll see where it ends up leaving us. It’s going to be a rough month for some whose charts are directly in the line of fire. For others, it may just be an extra social time used to catch up with dear ones. There’s no easy trick for most of what’s happening because it’s all about walking those fine lines and taking everything on a case-by-case and moment-to-moment basis. So, I guess, stay present and be your best.

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