Mastering the Magic of Love-Energy by Lani Reagan

I love teaching about the magic of love energy because it’s the simplest way to transform any situation; it’s accessible to us any where we find ourselves; and the results are often surprising. 

What is love-energy? Energy is much more than an amorphous, figurative, or symbolic term. From my training and personal experience, energy (prana, chi or qi) is a palpable force at a very subtle level. Because we tend to be outwardly focused on solid forms, the sensitivity to feel pranic energy needs developing before the brain registers it as a real force to affect matter. Once this happens it’s a game-changer. At least it changed my game. My sessions became more powerful and my clients were reporting disappearance of pain and increased feelings of well-being. But even when it cannot be felt  with the hands it can still be moved and affected with intention. Love-energy is a subtle force movable with the hands but usable with intention. If you develop your clairvoyant faculties you would see that love energy is light pink in color and emanates from the heart chakra. Inducing this radiating effect is the first step in using the magic of love energy.

How does love-energy reach the person or circumstance you want to transform? From a technical standpoint, the basis for this can be read about here (“physicists prove Eintstein’s ‘spooky quantum entanglement”). From a practical standpoint it can be effected through visualization; verbal directions or the feeling of it. The doing of it regularly can potentially lead to the opening up of your psychic abilities, an added bonus. It can even be used on the spot to switch up a negative conversation into a lighter resonance without an outward expression, as long as you are using your mind to conduct the resonance. Words are very powerful and most do not understand that even when the word is unspoken, and is spoken aloud within our minds (in other words spoken to ourselves) it creates a vibe and feeling that comes off of our bodies. This vibe is communicated through our auric fields and it impacts our external environment, but can also be radiated to others and places distantly. To use the magic of love-energy here is a simple recipe:

  • Make sure your tongue is connected to your palate. 
  • Perform slow rhythmic breathing (inhale for a count of 6 and hold for 3; then exhale for 6 and hold for 3) 
  • Be aware of your heart center and let your mind be aware of something you are thankful for. 
  • After a few breaths you will feel an expanded sensation in your chest area.  
  • Next visualize the space around your body being saturated with pink light emanating from your heart center, through your body and out into your surroundings.  
  • To impact a distant place or set of circumstances or person close your eyes and see the person or set of circumstances being engulfed in the pink light the whole time you are breathing.  
  • Do this for as long as you feel is needed and then affirm an expression of gratitude to end it.

While it is simple, the most difficult thing about using this techniques is our attachments to our reactions to a situation, person or circumstance. If we are too stuck in anger, worry, blame or guilt, we will find this technique challenging to use. A preparatory step is then to honor your right to feel whatever negative emotion arises, in order to create space for love-energy to seep into your heart and bring peace and alignment to you first and then to those you feel may need it. 

My experiences with using Love-Energy are too numerous to share here, but if you’d like more info on this practice or more useful tips like this you can catch me at Paradise Found for my workshops and reading times, click on my list of articles at Lani’s articles or For booking inquiries or meditation events email Peace, Love & Light!  

About Lani:

Lani Reagan is a natural clairvoyant and clairsentient. She has trained with Master Choa Kok Sui and his senior disciple, Stephen Co, through the American Institute of Asian Studies, since 2003.

As a Certified Life Coach, and Energy Healing practitioner she helps people find relief from emotional stress, physical pain and mental suffering. Her abilities and training allow her to read energetic factors and uncover negative thought patterns at the level of the subconscious mind. Together she works with you to transform these into workable solutions that bring transformation at very deep levels.

The information she channels and teaches makes her readings life transforming. Clients leave with less physical pain, and feeling more grounded, clear and motivated. For more details on the nature of her work and it’s benefits, visit or”