Loving the Beast… by Anna Chapman

Not fear.
Maybe, out there somewhere,
the possibility of fear; the wall
that might tumble down, because it’s for sure
that behind it is the sea.

~Rafael Guillen

Fear is a familiar component of human existence. Most people know what it is to be fearful. Though solo mountain climbers who scale vertical walls without ropes or cleats may have no fear. The majority of people do, at various times and to varying degrees find them selves overwhelmed by a feeling that some thing, person, place or action will harm them in some way.

Engulfed by the emotions that fear generates, one may travel through life without a clear experience of what ‘living’ can be about. Fear grips us as little children quite often when environmental circumstances are less than ideal. In dreams, fear may show up in many guises—over and over throughout the years. Some people may experience lack of sleep as adults for reasons that are instituted many years earlier. Other patterns of expression may arise as a result of fear that include all sorts of behaviors; ultimately limiting us to a ‘partial experience’ here.

And yes, it is what ii is and there are no judgments. Now, what do you want?

At times, the intensity of these emotions arising in response to the unknown can act as a beacon to any energy in the environmental vicinity that match this vortex. The dark field expands and continues to attract it’s like. In a home space this may show up as small things not going as planned. Or the feeling that some areas of the home are less desirable to spend time in. The possibilities as to the whys and whats and whos can be complex as all things here exist simultaneously. Past, present, future, this life and afterlife all exist as consciousness that permeates that which otherwise is void.

These energetic fields that have numerous characteristics can be any thing from small and reclusive to enormous and synonymous with the raging beast. The raging beast, cyclonic, fiercely attached to an area from which it ‘feeds’ and determined to continue existence based on, many times, ancient illusion. We fear the beast, we fear the unknown and we fear even glimpsing some times, what lies within this field of illusion that fosters disillusionment and disappointment.

If we have enough courage to stand in the face of the fear, to meet it head on, we will see that what is needed to tame the beast is Love. The anger, the frustration, hatred dissolve. There, is left a desire to share the light and love of Truth that arises from purity, clarity and knowing—this has always been so.

In a dream: standing at a fence watching a bull eyeing a goat a hundred feet away casually observing this scene. Suddenly, the bull takes his focus from the goat and sees me.  This is not good! And there is no where to go. The bull charges.  Quite a surprise to my self, I stand up move forward and raise my hand and yell, “stop”! Greater surprise, the bull stops right at my hand. I proceed to pet his nose, his neck his back. Next he falls to the ground, rolls about with me hugging his neck and rubbing his belly. We are both so happy, so delighted we laugh. The bull is laughing.

July begins with an opposition from Pluto to Mars—the Beast within will surface. It is an opportunity to first confront the Beast, make friends with the Beast; to surrender to the Beast. Here fear shall take a back seat. For the few days that this aspect is most powerful (especially for those who have a natal Pluto/Mars relationship or these planets strongly positioned in their charts, there will be a reckoning needed. Ultimately the goal…to discover what lies at the heart of the shadow or fear with loving compassion for what has been, what is within the little self knowing that this experience can generate light toward a greater understanding of all of us.

There may be an array of emotions that crop up demanding attention. If there are things you ’want’ and have felt powerless to attain this will be a time to ‘stand up’ for your self. Once we have stood up for our selves enough we may discover that there is no need to do this as the self is an illusion. What we think we want is an illusion and yet, until we know this we do not know this. What we want are desires upheld by an ego that, once the light is shed upon it (as in a Pluto/Mars opposition) it becomes apparent that suffering is the result of unfulfilled desire. Pluto urges one to see the ego in the light of Truth. The fear of doing so is related to the ego and its fear of non-existence and how then, to be loved?

I must not fear.
 Fear is the mind-killer.
 Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
 I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
 And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
 Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
 Only I will remain.

~Frank Herbert, author of Dune

Tarot Cards for July:

Four of Cups. Fours in general are the number of stability. There has been accomplishment that provides for a stable base from which to continue on. However, with the number four there is a tendency to be satisfied with the familiar and not too keen to move on. A restlessness manifests after some time and one becomes frustrated and dissatisfied with what is familiar. In particular the Four of Cups focuses on whatever emotional issues have prevented one from taking the next leap. It will become uncomfortable to remain in this place of inaction. Face the fear and move.


Moon XVIII. Here is where we visit the deepest regions of the psyche to discover what lies there in; repressed emotions that often make themselves felt in dream time where we can begin to face what issues detain us. The Moon, number 18 or 9 is the number of human evolution and service to humanity. With the Moon one may wander in darkness, the shadow for some time. Eventually, the need to be in the light out weighs the fear of doing so and one resurfaces. Transformation has occurred and higher ground is the result.

The third Tarot card for this month is which ever one you may choose; that as you are free now to express Self in a way that serves the highest good. There is no pre-determination. It will be as it is and is known in the moment.

Visit me in July, 1st, 16th, 23rd or 30th from 1-5 p.m. and choose your card if you have no other way of doing that—happy to facilitate the unfolding.

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