Love What You Do & the Money Will Follow by Lani Reagan

How do I know that loving what one does encourages money to flow in? Because when we are loving what we do and enjoying and seeing good for our hard work, the Force of All That IS (or soul-energy), thrives and moves outward, bringing us our greater good. We may have experienced this first hand in moments where we were deeply involved and committed to a particular task, when suddenly someone wants to assist us, or watch us, or ask questions or interact. Love energy is magnetic.

However despising our jobs or complaining about our work, inhibits the flow of soul-energy (and money) into our lives. When I say “soul-energy” I mean the flow of prana (Life Force) that vivifies and even directs our life to a certain degree. So how can we cultivate love for the work we do and thus channel more soul-energy for more opportunity, vitality, and money into our lives? Because any event or happening is only as meaningful as we individually make it, even a menial job can be infused with reverence and honor. One can bring this reverence, gratitude and purposefulness to any job. Even sweeping a floor can be viewed as highly meaningful and purposeful if the janitor understands the students who occupy the hallways are being benefited by the cleanliness of the walkway. A gardener whodelights in the satisfaction that hotel guests get from admiring the beauty of the patio hejust cleaned, is indeed loving his job. I call this finding our “sweet spot”. It’s an attitude of gratitude in our work that allows us to keep our hearts open to how the Universe wants us to serve. It’s in the mindset of service that the Universe brings more opportunities our way. Stop to consider the ways your current job allowing you to be of service. Sometimes I tell clerks at stores that I am glad they are working today making my purchasing possible. Small expressions of gratitude add purpose and meaning to all things and creates a sense of abundance and prosperity, for all involved; even if one of our gripes is that we are working too hard. Yes, gratitude can even help to heal the fallout of believing we are working too hard or working all by ourselves, by directing us to learn how to ask for help or to be balanced in our own approach to working.

I’m not saying that loving our work is an easy task. It’s a practice. Sometimes work can be monotonous, or difficult for a complex list of reasons. There are aspects of my work I’m less drawn to than the actual healing sessions themselves; as my sessions are readings and energy-work all rolled into one. Still, even when there seems ample reason to complain about and get mired in the drama occurring at work, choosing to remain in a place of gratitude and seeing it’s purposefulness in our lives leaves us with moreenergy to use toward pursuits we feel more impassioned about, and with more vitality as we move through our day’s tasks.

To feel more connected and in flow with your work, commit to seeing how what you are doing is helpful to others. Commit to finding your “sweet spot”. See all parties being benefited from the exchanges that are co-created in your work day. In the space of happiness over that, ask yourself how else you’d enjoy being more helpful; or what causes you’d like to make your contribution to; or what other things inspire you that you’d do without needing to make money. Then commit to doing those things. It’s the feeling of inspiration and the power to move forward that are important. If you are busy hating your work, and you can’t bring yourself to worry about anything else other than making money, that feeling of lack (or whatever other negative feeling arising) will simply create more lack, as-like-attracts-like. Whatever resistances you encounter in this practice is only a part of the learning experience drawing you ever closer to mastery and to more flow of health wealth and happiness. It’s worth practicing to find your “sweet spot”, as you may be surprised at what the Universe can bring your way.