Learning About Your Chakras by Lani Reagan

Your chakras are part of your energetic anatomy. They are the key to the alchemical process of bringing soul-energy into the physical form. Without your chakras you would not be able to express through your body. A physically dead body has no chakras, because the Life Force, the Light that the chakras conduct, has withdrawn. Where it goes to is not the topic of this article (It’s a different classroom, altogether). This article is about what the Light moving through the chakras is doing, can do, or will do for you. If your chakras are the governing factor in expressing your Self through your body, one could probably stand to be enriched in many ways by learning about the complexities of the energetic anatomy, to have a more conscious impact on the chakras for accelerated healing and soul evolve-ment.

Where does one go for learning about the chakras? It’s tough to find straight answers about the chakras, because we cannot see them! One can read about them and study it from a book; yoga teachers speak of them in figurative terms, connecting them to what they mean symbolically; shamanic healers speak of energy and chakras in terms of symbols and representations of ideas and concepts. If you start there, you can learn a lot in theory and even practice some techniques. However when you find a physical teacher who can help you feel your own energy field, help guide you in palpably measuring your own chakras, and make correct assessments; a teacher you can trust who is skilled and experienced in producing measurable results of accelerated healing and major life shifts, you are closer to gaining truthful and extremely useful information that can potentially revolutionize the way you live and how you view your life, forever.

What are some of the myths that circulate about the chakras? If someone tells you that your chakras are spinning the wrong way, then you have to ask what they mean by that, because the chakras spin both ways!

Another myth is that the chakras are specific colors, as evidenced by banners and posters that have one color per chakra; however each chakra is not just conducting one color.

Do the size of the chakras matter? In this science and art of healing we will say “Yes, Size Matters”, but it can mean a few different things, some positive and some negative. We will be discussing each of these factors on February 20th at 7pm at Paradise Found, in the workshop, “Which Way Do Your Chakras Spin?”

Your chakras have the power to help your body recover from sickness in record time; they have the potential to de-stress your emotions within a few breathing cycles; they have the ability to extend your energy into your environment for healing relationships and for attracting new opportunities while facilitating the change and growth you are thirsty for. Even if you are not thirsty at the moment, most of us will experience the creative tickle that awakens within us after we have been there and done that. Your chakras are waiting for you to reach that critical point so that you can engage with them in a more intimate and skillful way. If you are feeling road-blocked like my client “J”, who was stuck in the grieving process after her partner passed, and who later shared that our work together was creating a new space within her for re-building her life, you may be delighted at what you learn about your chakras that can help you experience more flow and love in your life. Or if you are having relationship issues like my clients “R and S”, who were on the verge of breaking up just before the holidays, you might be relieved to know that the chakras hold a secret key to helping you resolve relationship conflicts, as “R and S” did. Today they are doing much better than they were before they saw me as a couple. They took what they learned and are putting it into action. It really wasn’t a lot to learn, but the small amount that they assimilated has been yielding awesome results.

This passion I have for teaching people how to work with their energetic anatomy has grown into a system of sorts that I invite you to discover with me, as I take you on a year-long journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment in my monthly workshops and personal private coaching sessions. If you are longing for accelerated change, transformation and creative healing, I look forward to meeting you soon. All good things to you and your chakras!