June Common Sense Almanac by Ben Commons

All great achievements require time.

~Maya Angelou

Tips for almanac use: All the aspects can be felt in advance of the occurrence. It is good policy to view these as due dates for various energies and prepare accordingly for your context. It’s akin to bringing an umbrella with you when rain is expected, but it also helps us to not take the weather personally. When we proactively manifest these symbols then the world doesn’t have to do it for us. Choose to be con(with)-siderate(the stars).

            June is upon, and wowzer! So, it’s got a lot of aspects by sheer count, and some are of the more difficult nature. Of course, it will be better if we are prepared and have been trying to keep up, but whatever. Either way, it’s pushing here and there and a little all over. There’s definitely an emphasis on reconnecting with our more normal selves, rhythms, people, and habits. However, there’s still that lingering push towards experimental newness and reconfigurations. It’ll be a juggling act, so keep your eyes on the balls.

            Venus trines Saturn on the 1st at 8:23 am (pacific), asking us to take stock of our gains and to work on ignoring the urge to do something overly rash, or before its time. Patience is required to get where we’re going without losing sight of long-term goals, or missing crucial pitfalls.

            Venus conjoins Uranus on the 3rd at 12:31 am (pacific), tempting us towards the wild and the crazy in life, love, and finances. It would be awesome to have some sort of breakthrough about self-valuation and how we show up in relationships, but be careful to not pop the cork on an overly pressured wackiness.

            The Sun squares Neptune on the 4th at 9:14 am (pacific), pushing us towards relaxation and/or confusion. The best idea would be to remove some self-images foisted upon us by others and to get back to a purer version of ourselves. But be wary of projecting issues onto others, and vice versa. Keep it clean.

            Mars moves into Cancer on the 4th at 9:16 am (pacific), where he will stay until July 20th. This slows the pace and puts more emphasis on home and family and the standard necessities of existence. Get back to healthy home cooking, trim down clutter, and clean up around the living situation. Check in on loved ones who may need help, but don’t push anything.

            Venus moves into Taurus on the 6th at 12:27 am (pacific), where she will stay until July 4th, bringing a welcome respite to the long sojourn in Aries. Now things will relax and tend to move back into a more natural, less frenzied, rhythm. Tend to the garden of life in all its venues and savor the goodness.

            Mercury moves into Gemini on the 6th at 3:15 pm (pacific), where he will stay until the 21st. This will elicit more sociability from us and find us wanting to talk things out/(debate?) with friends. Be aware of where others are at despite the speed of your own running narrative.

            The Full Moon is on the 9th at 6:10 am (pacific) in 18 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a rather tricky lunation, even if you are relatively prepared for it. The challenge is that there are no clear outcomes, and maybe even unclear goals. The idea is to feel our way towards awareness around those hurdles without risking much. But definitely avoid flippancy.

            Jupiter stations direct on the 9th at 7:04 am (pacific), starting us down the path of resolution for the last 5 months of revising our relationships to everything that isn’t us. This will still require a lot of self-awareness and caution as Jupiter re-enters the fray of a volatile T-cross. But the general focus is on working to understanding others better, and ourselves within the context of others. Hopefully, we can all get along, better.

            Venus sextiles Mars on the 9th at 8:41 am (pacific), opening the door towards more normality and consistency. Times have been hectic and hopefully we can use this to get back to the basics and closer-to-home. Let’s stop reacting as much and take local, maybe ultra-local, action to make our lives more soothing and natural for our true selves.

            Mercury trines Jupiter and squares Neptune on the 13th at 8:45 am and 8:29 pm (pacific), getting us both hopeful, but possibly overly-optimistic. We should definitely talk through some of our big plans, but try to leave them in the sketch phase before setting down ink as we may be missing parts of the picture. And drive carefully.

            The Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th at 3:17 am (pacific), forcing us to take a cold look at ourselves and how far we have come, or not, in the last six months. The idea, as always, is to give ourselves credit while still strategizing on how to stay determined and to keep on growing and pushing through limitations, carefully. Respect yourself.

            Neptune stations retrograde on the 16th at 4:10 am (pacific), starting us down the path of revision in our quest to find simplicity and inner peace. Easily said, right? Well, either way, the focus is on letting go of old memories, feelings, and possessions that we really don’t need to carry with us. A deep cleanse could go a long way in clearing space for better and brighter things. Make way.

            The Sun sextiles Uranus on the 18th at 11:46 am (pacific), stirring the pot of anxiousness for newness and stimulation. The idea is to get out there and do something novel and unique that could spice things up. But, of course, don’t do anything rash, unless it’s awesome and safe.

            Mercury opposes Saturn on the 18th at 12:07 pm (pacific), demanding we take measure of our progress and growth. The trick here is to keep the details and the big-picture goals equally in mind. It’s always a process, so patience would serve us well with this one.

            Venus sextiles Neptune on the 20th at 1:26 am (pacific), offering a break from the, well, everything. Take some time to yourself and be mellow with whatever it is: music, a bath, poetry, a creek. It’s time to refresh ourselves.

            Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 20th at 2:30 am (pacific), getting our minds racing around and looking for answers that probably aren’t ready. We should be searching, but patience is required as the questions we may be posing may be slightly ahead of their time, or unlikely to have answers. Focus on the knowable.

            The Sun moves into Cancer on the 20th at 9:24 pm (pacific), marking the Summer Solstice and bringing things into a calmer space. The focus turns more towards home and family and all that is familiar. Infuse the tried and tested with fresh light instead of chasing the novel hither and thither.

            Mercury moves into Cancer on the 21st at 2:58 am (pacific), where he will stay until July 5th. This brings yet more emphasis towards the home environment and close ties. It’s a time to (re)-connect with loved ones and catch up on what has been transpiring. Even mundane conversations, like about food and cooking, are a nice change of scene.

            Mercury conjoins the Sun on the 21st at 7:14 am (pacific), asking us to get back to our roots and back to a better mind/heart/body connection. One of the lessons here is listening to the body, those gut feelings, that unease, to better capitalize on the advantageous and avoid dis-ease.

            The New Moon is on the 23rd at 7:31 pm (pacific) in 2 degrees of Cancer. This should be a potent, yet mellow enough lunation. The idea seems to be on super/re-charging ourselves and our loved ones with re-infused passion and motivation to help life work for us. Do a water-related ritual to help send your best blessings out into the world.

            Venus trines Pluto on the 24th at 1:57 am (pacific), asking us to focus on what matters to us most. What do we truly enjoy and appreciate? Let’s focus on the simple and try to trim the deadwood away from the rest.

            Mars squares Jupiter on the 24th at 11:07 pm (pacific), demanding that we re-evaluate our general desires and trajectories. We could be re-impassioned by this, or tempted into biting off more than we can chew. Concentrate on what you know works and keep pushing forward.

            Mars trines Neptune on the 25th at 11:19 pm (pacific), whisking us away into a land of peace and quiescence, hopefully. It’s definitely a better time to take space and relax the nerves compared to pushing forward with anything that is not yet established, and maybe somewhat guaranteed. Float on.

            Mercury squares Jupiter and trines Neptune on the 27th at 11:21 am and 5:23 pm (pacific), leaving room for us to check in with our spiritual nature and work on letting go of “knowing” how things will end up, or where we are actually going. As they say, life’s a journey, not a destination.

            Mercury conjoins Mars on the 28th at 12:51 pm (pacific), making for a dangerous and volatile mix if we are lax or silly. The upside would be cutting through some of our own mental clutter and getting more to the heart of what our needs and desires really are. Pay attention to the required and the natural needs of life.

            Mercury opposes Pluto on the 29th at 5:34 pm (pacific), pushing us to keep trimming down the mental narrative, the cluttered parts of mind and possessions, flippant speech, and more. Functionality is king with this going on, so if it isn’t working, either get rid of it, or deconstruct it, grease it up, reconfigure, and/or reconstruct it. Don’t over-think.

            So, yeah, June. Hopefully, we’ll find ourselves recharged, re-motivated, cleaned up, trimmed down, recalibrated, and so much more. But we should be cautious and practice “defensive-driving” on the road of life, and avoid road rage in general. May we all navigate well.

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