July 2017 Commonsense Almanac by Ben Commons

It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.

~Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Tips for almanac use: All the aspects can be felt in advance of the occurrence. It is good policy to view these as due dates for various energies and prepare accordingly for your context. It’s akin to bringing an umbrella with you when rain is expected, but it also helps us to not take the weather personally. When we proactively manifest these symbols then the world doesn’t have to do it for us. Choose to be con(with)-siderate(the stars).

So July. It’s actually pretty brutal on paper, so we should all be practicing caution and care in nearly every department. It may turn out to be much easier than it looks, but it could get seriously hairy if we’re not aware of our surroundings and not keeping up. Hopefully, we’ll all glide through it with grace and ease and we’ll make great use of the challenging combinations.

Mars opposes Pluto on the 2nd at 4:58 am (pacific), frothing up all sorts of unresolved energies for analysis. Dig deep, but primarily into your own issues while watching out for others who are sloppy with theirs. Simplify as much as you can.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 4th at 5:12 pm (pacific), where she will be until the 31st. This will bring more tendencies to be social and talkative. The idea is to get out more in our community and to explore our environs.

Mercury squares Uranus on the 4th at 5:51 pm (pacific), throwing sparks into the mix. Be very careful with your words and your transportation and avoid those who are not. Work on finding something that gets you excited and curious.

Mercury moves into Leo on the 5th at 5:20 pm (pacific), where he will be until the 25th. This asks us to relax and have some fun and to try to pay less attention to the crap-storm surrounding us. Try to bring back your own innocence.

 The Sun trines Neptune and squares Jupiter on the 5th at 5:47 pm and 7:44 pm (pacific), asking us to check back in with ourselves and get more centered. There is a lot swirling around us and now is our chance to find a calm place within.

Mercury sextiles Venus on the 7th at 6:19 am (pacific), leaving room for some pleasant connections and socialization. Get together with friends and talk things out. Practice laughter.

The Full Moon is on the 8th at 9:07 pm in 17 degrees of Capricorn. This is a super intense lunation that is pushing and pulling in many contradictory directions. The focus is generally on simplification of our lives: trimming down what we can and focusing on what’s most important to us. Treasure loved ones and simple things.

The Sun opposes Pluto on the 9th at 9:31 pm (pacific), stirring up some more self-identity issues to hopefully be repurposed or recycled into something better. The idea is to be honest about where we need to grow without being harsh on ourselves.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 14th at 1:46 pm (pacific), opening the door for making game-plans and strategizing about how we are going to make it down the road. Work on balancing the big picture with the details required.

Venus squares Neptune on the 17th at 7:34 am (pacific), pushing us to take a break from it all and to get some space. Avoid any big financial decisions and focus on finding some peace within.

Mars squares Uranus on the 17th at 6:35 pm (pacific), making for a crazy and erratic combination. Most of all don’t do anything rash. Focus on staying loose and cautious.

Venus trines Jupiter on the 18th at 1:08 pm (pacific), lightening the mood some and raising hopes. Focus on close connections and work on strengthening those. Talk things out where needed.

Mercury trines Saturn on the 19th at 12:16 pm (pacific), asking us to take stock of how far we have gotten and to take note of what is left for us to accomplish. Work out more plans and visions of how to keep things changing in the future.

Mars moves into Leo on the 20th at 5:20 am (pacific), where he will be until September 5th. The key for this time is to work on having more fun and levity. Nurturing our sense of humor would really help.

The Sun squares Uranus on the 20th at 5:24 pm (pacific), shaking things up even more. The idea is to stay safe and work on breaking through personal issues, particularly those regarding family.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd at 8:16 am (pacific). This go around centers on finding our joy and growing it as much as we can. Dance, laugh, play, and have some fun.

The New Moon is on the 23rd at 2:46 am (pacific) in 0 degrees of Leo. This is quite relaxed compared to that full moon, but it’s still quite intense. There are a lot of heavy things floating around, and this lunation is asking us to preserve our own happiness, and that of loved ones. Stay optimistic.

Venus opposes Saturn on the 24th at 7:53 am (pacific), forcing us to check in on our relationships and to make sure our budgets are in order. Practice gratitude for what you have and who you get to share it with.

Mercury trines Uranus on the 24th at 9:32 am (pacific), tempting us to laugh at the wackiness of it all. We can’t take life too seriously or we get worn down and lose that spark. Be creative.

Mercury moves into Virgo on the 25th at 4:41 pm (pacific), where he will be until September 29th due to retrogradation with a short visit back to Leo. This will be a long stay and is a great time to work on organizing our worlds and generally catching up on small tasks and little details. Find the Zen.

The Sun conjoins Mars on the 26th at 5:57 pm (pacific), shortening everyone’s patience and getting us itching for awesome. Ideally, we could be using this to jump-start our innocence and expectant optimism.

Venus sextiles Uranus on the 30th at 1:03 am (pacific), asking us to get out and let our hair down. Find something unusual to do: food, entertainment, even a hike.

Venus moves into Cancer on the 31st at 7:54 am (pacific), where she will be until August 25th. This brings a focus onto home and family and tending to those gardens. Appreciate all the simple things.

Um, yeah, July. We’ll see what it actually ends up bringing us. We could grow a lot and blast through awesome changes and hopefully avoid all the booby traps. But still, let’s try to be very careful.

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