Gratitude, Humility & Understanding Aragonite, Garnet & Obsidian by Moorea Kern

The art of practicing gratitude is a skill one may spend a lifetime perfecting and although simple in concept, it’s not always the easiest state to achieve. Trial and error can be frustrating and life tends to have a way of leading us down the unexpected path. Rather than feed into the discontent, practicing gratitude for both the victories and defeats can help us persevere and life a more fulfilled life. With Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day, November is a month full of reminders to appreciate all of spirit’s gifts- those palpable by both touch and heart. Three stones to encourage commitment to maintaining a state of gratitude are Aragonite, Garnet and Obsidian.

A stability stone that’s both supportive and uplifting, Aragonite has strong ties to Gaia and thus connects those who work with it to the planet’s electromagnetic currents whilst transforming geopathic stress. Embodying the qualities of earth and water elements, Aragonite promotes a sense of well being and trust in the natural flow so that one may remain grounded yet flexible. It’s cluster formation of radiant apricot colored segments embodies the warmth and content we find in remaining adaptable and accommodating. As it encourages versatility, acceptance and patience, Aragonite inspires you to choose a state of gratitude regardless of the circumstances.

Used throughout history as a talisman of courage and commitment by cultures around the world, Garnet is an all time favorite stone for cultivating a deep sense of appreciation. It’s passionate energy encourages positive thinking and nurtures intimacy. A revered stone of love, Garnets rich scarlet spirit works to dissolve anger and inspire devotion, trust and inner harmony. As it revitalizes and balances all of the chakras from the root chakra up, Garnet is a useful ally when working on committing to a daily practice of expressing genuine gratitude.

A stone of clarity and protection, Obsidian is the final stone for this gratitude trio. It draws out negativity as it relieves users from mental tension and confusion. Especially in arrowhead form, Obsidian assists in manifestation of intentions and transformation of the soul to higher levels of growth and spiritual development. These sacred symbols serve as reminders that change is necessary and that maintaining gratitude during times of transition can lead us towards heights previously unknown.

Melody Beattie said, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” A commitment to shift yourself towards gratitude is really a commitment towards bettering yourself on every level of being. As this Beattie quote suggests, gratitude is the key to transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. That shift in perspective is all we really need to recognize, appreciate and increase the abundance that surrounds us. Thank you for reading and may these three stones serve you well this holiday season as you celebrate all of life’s blessings.