February Common Sense Almanac by Ben Commons

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than
a great deal of money.

~John Ruskin

Tips for almanac use: All the aspects can be felt in advance of the occurrence. It is good policy to view these as due dates for various energies and prepare accordingly for your context. It’s akin to bringing an umbrella with you when rain is expected, but it also helps us to not take the weather personally. When we proactively manifest these symbols then the world doesn’t have to do it for us. Choose to be con(with)-siderate(the stars).

            So, okay, February is here. It doesn’t seem to have any huge themes other than surfing all the waves. However, there is a focus on charting our future, earlier in the month, then on decompressing from the past, later in the month. It does look like it could be super productive for those adequately adapted and prepared. Let’s dance with it.

            Mercury sextiles Mars on the 3rd at 7:58 am (pacific), getting our minds spinning about where we want to be taking ourselves and our social relations. This will center on the urge for trying new things and getting out in the community more. But do drive carefully.

            Venus squares Jupiter on the 3rd at 10:07 pm (pacific), prompting us to dream big and start budgeting for things that fuel our enthusiasm. The key here is to avoid over-doing things, but, with that said, we should be exploring some wild fantasies while expressing gratitude for all we have.

            Venus sextiles Uranus on the 6th at 5:36 pm (pacific), shaking up the relational world. We may be feeling extra feisty and somewhat on edge. Also, we may have lower tolerance for people who don’t excite us.

            Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th at 3:20 pm (pacific), where it will be until March 6th. This will bring some passionate dreaminess into the mix and entice us to enjoy more films, music, and poetry. It’s definitely a good time to take adequate space to ourselves to recharge our psychic systems.

            The Sun squares Jupiter on the 10th at 3:21 pm (pacific), pushing us to do some re-evaluation of ourselves. Where do we fit in? How can we stay inspired to keep plumbing the depths of what piques our interest? Where do we go from here and who do we bring with us?

            Mercury squares Jupiter on the 13th at 2:39 pm (pacific), asking us to reconfigure our big visions with the smaller details. The trick here is to not miss any important steps along the path, as they may end up being far more important down the way. Stay aware and watch what comes to you.

            The Sun sextiles Uranus on the 13th at 6:22 pm (pacific), frothing us up and making us rather impatient for more awesomeness than is readily available. Work on staying centered and trying to get back to the innocence of excitement.

            Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 15th at 7:07 am (pacific), tossing us hither and thither in a mental flurry. This could be a bumpy and emotional ride if we’re not properly strapped into our safety equipment, (caution.) However, it could also signal big breakthroughs.

            The Solar Eclipse is on the 15th at 1:05 pm (pacific) in 27 degrees of Aquarius. This is a super wild cerebral, emotional, and whacky eclipse that should try to spin us out of any ruts we may have slipped into. Ideally, we can channel this energy into glorious revelations about how we want to show in the world, community, and with friends. However, we should definitely practice caution, while still getting excited.

            Venus sextiles Saturn on the 15th at 3:19 pm (pacific), allowing us to do a progress check and hopefully feeling good about whatever growth we have made, or whatever we have, at least, made it through. Be forgiving of self and others.

            Mars squares Neptune on the 17th at 3:21 am (pacific), either dissipating our motivation or re-inspiring it; it depends on the circumstances. The trick here is to not indulge in worry and to let go of whatever needs release. Don’t push it, allow it.

            Mercury conjoins the Sun on the 17th at 4:28 am (pacific), demanding a recalibration of our heads and hearts into a more current alignment. The temptation here is to let the mind dominate at the cost of happiness, but we can strengthen our internal connections and help it all flow better.

            Mercury moves into Pisces on the 17th at 8:27 pm (pacific), where it will be until March 5th. This favors dreamier mental pursuits and doesn’t generally help in studying the minutia. Spend some quiet time alone and work on forgetting that which doesn’t serve you. Practice release.

            The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th at 9:18 am (pacific). This season will be about getting back to old passions and interests and reviving some joy from them. Even if it’s just reminiscing about cool projects so as to get our gears going, that would be good.

            Venus conjoins Neptune on the 21st at 10:42 am (pacific), pushing us all towards re-inspiration around enjoyment and appreciation. This teaches the importance of savoring the moment, and even how we got to each precious moment. Bless it all.

            Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 21st at 12:23 pm (pacific), pulling out the measuring stick once again. The key here is to cut ourselves a lot of slack and to remember that it’s all a process, not a destination. Don’t over-think.

            Venus squares Mars on the 25th at 4:01 am (pacific), possibly stirring up conflict if undercurrents have been simmering. However, it could also help us release past tensions and move more thoroughly into the new now. Don’t fight, unite.

            Mercury conjoins Neptune on the 25th at 4:26 am (pacific), whisking us away down the meandering river. This is definitely good for spiritual practices and blessings, but does not favor exacting calculations. Beware of misunderstandings.

            The Sun sextiles Saturn on the 25th at 9:46 am (pacific), possibly freaking us out a bit about all that’s left on the to-do-list. Better to not worry and focus on the step-by-step nature of life and its doings.

            Venus sextiles Pluto on the 27th at 2:17 am (pacific), dredging the sub-surface for deeper, perhaps repressed, feelings. The beauty is that they don’t have to be bad and could even represent adding profundity to relationships and appreciation. Love deeply.

            Mercury squares Mars and sextiles Pluto on the 28th at 3:56 pm and 8:40 pm (pacific), mixing things up, down, and all around. The main thing here is to practice major caution in communication and driving. Some people will be rather frazzled, distracted, and dangerous to be around, so choose wisely.

            So, February, what will you actually bring us? It’s going to be interesting, but there’s definitely a theme of balancing the future and the past, or should I say, getting the past out of the way. The old ways won’t serve us as well, so let us adopt new strategies and perspectives.