Elements of Tarot–September: Earth

Earth My Body
Water My Blood
Air My Breath
And Fire My Spirit 

Earth My Body, Nicole Sangsuree


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

Earth I Feel You Under My Feet
Earth I Feel Your Heartbeat…

And so we continue our journey through the tarot with the minor arcana…

The tarot deck consists of 78 cards; 22 comprise the Major Arcana (also considered The Fool’s Journey, of which we completed one spiral/cycle over the last 22 months), and the remaining 56 cards comprise the Minor Arcana, 4 numerological journeys, each 14 cards long (from the ace to the king), through the elements of earth, air, water and fire. 

A “common” deck of playing cards contains most of the minor arcana, the 4 missing cards being either the princess or the page, in each element, depending of the tarot deck you are comparing it to, assuming that the Jack from the playing deck represents either the knight or the prince in the respective tarot deck. In the common playing deck diamonds represent earth (pentacles/material in the tarot deck), spades represent air (swords/thoughts in the tarot deck), Clubs represent fire (wands/spirit in the tarot) hearts represent water (cups/emotions in the tarot). There are divination systems based on the common playing deck, at least one originating out of eastern Europe.

Pentacles represent Earth, they are the diamonds, the material aspect of life, the representation of the worldly, “real” world stuff. When a layout has a preponderance of pentacles it is speaking to the material aspects that are occurring for the querier. Depending on where the card is, in whichever layout is occurring, the meaning can be expanded and shifted. In looking at the elements and the placement there is much that can be conveyed about what to focus on in a reading. Some cards remind us to feel our feet on the earth, others to set healthy boundaries and again others to be more generous with our worldly goods…

Basically, pentacles are asking us to pay attention to/look at the physical and worldly aspects of our being. Our money, our material stuff, our body and how we relate to those things.  

Becoming Human

Once a man came to me and spoke for hours about
“His great visions of God” he felt he was having.
He asked me for confirmation, saying,
“Are these wondrous dreams true?”
I replied, “How many goats do you have?
He looked surprised and said,
“I am speaking of sublime visions
And you ask
About goats!”
And I spoke again saying,
“Yes, brother – how many do you have?”
“Well, Hafiz, I have sixty-two.”
“And how many wives?”
Again he looked surprised, then said,
“How many rose bushes in your garden,
How many children,
Are your parents still alive,
Do you feed the birds in winter?”
And to all he answered.
Then I said,
“You asked me if I thought your visions were true,
I would say that they were if they make you become
More human,
More kind to every creature and plant
That you know.”  


After I decided to write this article on the earth element, Matt Kahn put out a fantastic teaching on a new perspective to entertain about the body: The End of Inner Conflict with Matt Kahn  

In it he speaks about the idea that it’s the body that is on this human journey and we, as consciousness are actually it’s spirit guide and guardian angel. I am still entertaining this perspective and letting it inform and adjust my relationship with my own body…I had already come into the realization that I am in a long term committed relationship with my body (the longest term and most committed relationship of this life, actually that which comprises this life), and been coming into a healthy conscious relationship with her, and this new perspective feels like it’s upping the ante.

What happens when we follow the body rather than lead? When we honor the intelligence of the body, of the natural world and come into a conscious relationship with our physical material selves as well as with the world around us? Most indigenous peoples that are fortunate enough to be able to live within their ancestral practices (and those of us of every persuasion dedicated to re-membering that aspect of ourselves) are still in touch with the wisdom and connection of natural world; the material world is a living, interactive tarot deck. Everything is symbolic, everything is a message.

Mother I feel you under my feet – Ana`Noheea-Botin der Friedensengel

In the journey of the body I am in, we (my body & I) have been through a great deal together and only recently, after opening up clear communication channels  and learning to trust, have I come to a place of truly loving myself. Funny how the decision to love my body is bringing me further into loving myself and more deeply in love with, and connected to, the world around me. 

I was recently ill with what presented as a rheumatoid arthritic condition and could also be a revisit of a virus I had in my 20’s or something completely different; regardless of the label, my body was refusing to do many things and instead was asking for support and help, healthy self protective boundaries, tenderness, care and rest. And I was able to give it that; I have begun to participate in exquisite self care, not just think or talk about it. 

The Inner Smile Meditation by Mantak Chia (LINKED) has been an incredible tool for connecting with, getting to know, increasing communication with and falling in love with my body, assisting me on this ever evolving path of healing and relationship. This journey has forced me to pay attention to my physical existence, to taking care of my physical health and well being and I’m grateful for the experience. I feel as though my feet are firmly on the ground and that the earth of my body is standing firmly on the solid living beautiful Earth. 

Pacha Mama, I´m coming home ~ Yopi Heartsongs (LINKED)

I Got Kin
So that your own heart
Will grow.
So God will think,
I got kin in that body!
I should start inviting that soul over
For coffee and
Because this is a food
Our starving world
Because that is the purest


What’s happening with your material self? Come on by this month on Friday, September 22, and we’ll celebrate the Autumnal Equinox together, looking at what the cards have to offer you in this earth journey along with all the other elements that unfold…  

About Kristine: Certified Master Intuitive, Kristine Marie, combines her training’s and experience in Intuition Medicine, Reiki, Acupressure, Steiner Education, Co-Counseling, Bars/Access Consciousness, and Star Flower & Gem Essences to assist you as you re-align with your higher Self, remember your authentic Truth, and re-awaken your beautiful Heart. She has great depth of passion, love, and curiosity for Mythology, Astrology, Storytelling, Human Development, Jungian Psychology, Dreamwork and World Travel, and with these, aims to provide insightful, powerfully transformative tarot readings.