Commonsense Almanac, September ‘17 By Ben Commons

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.

-John Ruskin


Tips for almanac use: All the aspects can be felt in advance of the occurrence. It is good policy to view these as due dates for various energies and prepare accordingly for your context. It’s akin to bringing an umbrella with you when rain is expected, but it also helps us to not take the weather personally. When we proactively manifest these symbols then the world doesn’t have to do it for us. Choose to be con(with)-siderate(the stars).

            September, already? Well, it doesn’t look all that crazy on paper, but it sort of depends on how well you’ve been keeping up with the crazies. It’s definitely got nothing on August in terms of intensity; it actually seems rather like it’s focused on processing and re-processing August and the whack-a-doodle doo that came before. The best strategy is to not take things too seriously, but meanwhile stay on task and on purpose. And try to squeeze some fun in here and there.

            Mars trines Uranus on the 2nd at 5:13 am (pacific), sponsoring some erratic activities and shifts in momentum. The idea is to stay flexible and go with the flow while still working towards manifesting something particular to your individual vision. If the vision isn’t complete, sit with it and let it unfold.

            Mercury conjoins Mars on the 3rd at 2:39 am (pacific), making for some tense and possibly dangerous communications. Think before speaking, if you can. Drive carefully and generally be cautious as some people will be far too distracted. Work on undoing whatever is holding you back from expressing your fullest self.

            The Sun opposes Neptune on the 4th at 10:28 pm (pacific), pushing us to take space from the mundane and from people. Time spent in meditation, or with music, a bath, et cetera, would be well spent. The main goal is to not have goals right now.

            Mars moves into Virgo on the 5th at 2:35 am (pacific), where he will stay until October 22nd. This ramps up the practical energy dramatically and sponsors all sorts of improvements and fix-its. It’s a good time to play catch up with all the little things for which we don’t always have the time or attention span. Little by little, things fall into place, with our help.

            Mercury stations direct on the 5th at 4:30 am (pacific), beginning the time of resolution for the last few weeks of whacky meanderings and uncoverings. This should help us integrate the recent total solar eclipse and whatever was re-booted therein. Overall, try to practice detachment, don’t take things personally, and focus on what can be improved now.

            The Full Moon is on the 6th at 0:03 am (pacific) in 13 degrees of Pisces. This lunation is urging us to take a breather, some space, and refresh our physical containers. Things are still unfolding, so don’t try to make too much sense out of the strangeness. It would be better to relax and let go of what you can. “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”

            The Sun trines Pluto on the 9th at 3:41 am (pacific), helping us to re-evaluate what we truly need and opening the door to the urge to purge. Streamlining our lives is a good method of utilizing this vibration to its fullest. Un-clutter everything.

            Mercury moves into Virgo on the 9th at 7:52 pm (pacific), where he will be until the 29th. This sponsors small improvements here, there, and all around. Small tweaks can go a long way, especially if we’re not quantifying them very much. Practice the Zen of the mundane and see things more clearly.

            Venus trines Saturn on the 12th at 5:49 pm (pacific), letting us take stock of our gains and hopefully not pay too close attention to what is left to accomplish. Give credit where it’s due, especially to loved ones and yourself. It’s all a process, but we should treasure the rewards.

            The Sun squares Saturn on the 13th at 7:58 pm (pacific), pushing us to take a sterner measure of our growth and progress. The idea is to focus on recognizing the progress instead of focusing on the remainders. Practice respect of self and others by avoiding criticism.

            Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 15th at 12:44 pm (pacific), prompting us to let our hair down, dance, and have some fun. It’s essential to keep the joy-quotient strong and supported throughout our wanderings. Lighten up and gather with friends and loved ones and dance to the music.

            Mercury conjoins Mars on the 16th at 12:01 pm (pacific), making for some possibly contentious communications, or some awesome strides in streamlining our minds and actions. The key is to avoid getting caught up by the details and to maintain focus on each task as it arises. Time management and planning it all out are well supported.

            Venus trines Uranus on the 17th at 9:25 pm (pacific), asking us to step out of the usual and try something new and unusual. This doesn’t require us doing anything actually crazy, but it would be wise to step out of our box and have some fun with it.

            Venus moves into Virgo on the 19th at 6:15 pm (pacific), where she will be until October 14th. This time supports streamlining our closets and possessions in general. It’s not so much a slash-and-burn as it is a restructuring for better utilization. Don’t over-think it; experiment.

            Mercury opposes Neptune on the 19th at 8:50 pm (pacific), pushing us to take a step back from the realities of life. It’s time to refresh ourselves and get some space and distance from the harsh reality of living. Meditation, music, swimming, day-dreaming, and spending time in nature are well supported.

            The New Moon is on the 19th at 10:30 pm (pacific) in 27 degrees of Virgo. This will be relatively mellow, IF we’ve been keeping up with ourselves and our internal processes. Things should start to become clearer as we continue to integrate recent happenings. As always, don’t get bogged down by the minutiae; take it as it comes.

            Mercury trines Pluto on the 22nd at 10:59 am (pacific), opening the doors for us to trim and purge and generally reconsider what we want around us. If it brings up unpleasant memories or associations, consider releasing them. If the projects we’ve been holding onto are now outdated, scratch them off the list.

            The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd at 1:02 pm (pacific). This season will focus on maintaining and improving the relationships we value most, particularly those that help us stay healthful and happy. Let go of sentimentality and focus on the now.

            Mars opposes Neptune on the 24th at 12:50 pm (pacific), urging us to slow down and take it easy so we can recharge our batteries. The key is to avoid getting spread too thin by trying to take it all on at once. The idea is to take a huge step back from our current missions/goals and let the under-mind stew new views on the same old stuff.

            Mercury squares Saturn on the 25th at 7:36 am (pacific), tempting us to be overly harsh with ourselves and others. The trick, as always, is to focus on the progress and growth. Forget about the slip-ups except in so far as we can learn from them, and keep on moving to the next task.

            Jupiter opposes Uranus on the 27th at 9:24 pm (pacific), getting everything rocking and rolling in 20 directions at once. Hopefully, we have embraced new versions of ourselves since the year began and now we can let that new flag fly proudly. If not, then now is the time to innovate ourselves into brand newness and embrace our quirks and eccentricities.

            Pluto stations direct on the 28th at 12:33 pm (pacific), starting us down the path of resolution after 5 plus months of dredging the old to the surface. Hopefully, we’ll be finding ourselves more ‘essentialized’ and ready to keep honing our focus onto the core issues within and without. No point in cutting the weeds if we leave the roots to grow right back; get radical.

            Venus opposes Neptune on the 29th at 5:12 pm (pacific), asking us to take another break from it all. Spend some time in nature, or with animals, or a bath, or soothing music. Appreciate the mystery and wonder that is life and its unfoldings.

            Mercury moves into Libra on the 29th at 5:42 pm (pacific), where he will be until October 17th. This is a great time to reconnect with friends and loved ones and talk it all out. We’ve been brewing things rather personally and it would be appropriate now to start bouncing things around for reflection. Just make sure to take it all with a grain of salt. Listen attentively; speak carefully.

            Yup, September. It could be much wilder than it appears, especially for some with placements on the chopping block. But either way, it seems an odd mixture of getting down to business, then taking a break, then back to more business, then a break, then rinse and repeat. Hopefully, we’ll all be more caught up with it all by the end of the month and able to look at things with more objectivity and less emotionality.

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