Commonsense Almanac–January 2018 by Ben Commons

Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.

-Washington Irving


Tips for almanac use: All the aspects can be felt in advance of the occurrence. It is good policy to view these as due dates for various energies and prepare accordingly for your context. It’s akin to bringing an umbrella with you when rain is expected, but it also helps us to not take the weather personally. When we proactively manifest these symbols then the world doesn’t have to do it for us. Choose to be con(with)-siderate(the stars).

            January is here, and it’s a lot. I mean, a whole lot. It’s not particularly scary or crazy, but it’s definitely busy, busy, busy, and kind of heavy. Navigating it will require patience, respect, maturity, and some determination. It shouldn’t be that tough if we’ve been keeping up with the comings and goings, but it’s still going to be big. May we all be ultra productive.

The Full Moon is on the 1st at 6:24 pm (pacific) in 11 degrees of Cancer. This is a rather heavy lunation that finds us needing to recover and recuperate our energies after a busy holiday season. Stick to the simple stuff: good food, peaceful vibes, warm exchanges, et cetera. Definitely beware of those looking for drama, and make sure to vocalize your appreciation to people.

            The Sun sextiles Neptune on the 2nd at 1:38 am (pacific), prompting us to slow down and take some time and space to ourselves. Solo projects would be very appropriate—like organizing or purging.

            Uranus stations direct on the 2nd at 6:11 am (pacific), starting us down the path to resolution of the last 5 months of whacky. The trick is to stick to our newer selves and keep pushing for more innocence and excitement despite whatever chaos swirls around us. Keep pushing the envelope.

            Venus sextiles Neptune on the 3rd at 9:39 am (pacific), promoting some peaceful ruminations. Practice appreciation of the simple and the wondrous.

            Mercury trines Uranus on the 6th at 3:38 pm (pacific), getting us itching for some new adventure and exciting ideas. Talk it out, explore, experiment, and step out of the ordinary.

            Mars conjoins Jupiter on the 6th at 4:39 pm (pacific), stoking the fires of enthusiasm for new prospects of growth and cleansing. The idea here is to re-invigorate our passions and aim high with our aspirations, while keeping a keen eye on all that needs to be removed from the path.

            The Sun and Venus sextile Jupiter and then conjoin each other on the 8th at 4:07 am, 8:13 am, and 11:02 pm (pacific). This could be rather intense if we haven’t been gearing up for it. The push is towards cleansing, purging, and organizing. Simplifying whatever you can will make room to more easily appreciate what remains.

            Mars sextiles Pluto on the 8th at 11:54 am (pacific), urging us to let go of old emotional baggage—primarily anger, impatience, and frustration. The key is to work through this on our own, or at least to not take anything out on others unnecessarily.

            Venus and the Sun conjoin Pluto and then sextile Mars on the 9th at 1:00 am, 1:29 am, 1:07 pm, and 9:37 pm (pacific), giving us another big day for personal growth and release. Again, the idea is to keep things clean and avoid cross-contamination with others. Blame and guilt will not help us get where we want to be, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cut people too much slack.

            Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 10th at 9:10 pm (pacific) where it will be until the 31st. This will add yet more organization and planning energy to the mix. Work on catching up with projects and trimming down whatever excess is laying around. Talk things out and make lists for more projects to come.

            Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 12th at 11:03 pm (pacific), allowing us to take stock of where we have been growing and where we still need to be making improvements. The key is to respect the process with patience, and then keep on keeping on and on and on.

            Venus squares Uranus on the 13th at 11:07 am (pacific), throwing a wild card into the game. It would be best to do something rather unusual, but safe. Even experimenting with a new recipe could do the trick. Avoid getting stuck in ruts.

            The Sun squares Uranus on the 14th at 12:44 pm (pacific), adding another dose of wildness. This is about balancing the rebellious push towards newness with the practicalities of life and its constraints. Find the middle ground.

            Jupiter sextiles Pluto on the 15th at 7:46 pm (pacific), asking us to dig into ourselves and see if we can uncover any blockages or resistances that we could work on releasing. This could mean acknowledging how deeply we still feel about certain difficult situations. Or it could be belief systems that have held us back from moving on and up. Dig around, with compassion.

            The New Moon is on the 16th at 6:17 pm (pacific) in 26 degrees of Capricorn. This is a heavy and serious lunation that seems to ask for a heavy dose of maturity from us all. With six planets in Capricorn, the emphasis is clearly on functionality, organization, streamlining, planning, hard work, getting over resistance, and much more. It’s going to be a little all over the place really, but it’s definitely a good time to commit to working towards greater responsibility in all areas.

            Venus moves into Aquarius on the 17th at 5:44 pm (pacific), where it will be until February 10th. This takes us more out into the social sphere. Reconnect with the community and remind everybody that you exist.

            Mercury sextiles Neptune on the 19th at 5:08 pm (pacific), whisking us away for a little mental recharge. Hopefully, we can avoid exacting mental work and let peacefulness seep in.

            The Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th at 7:10 pm (pacific). This go will emphasize working to better our communities and practice respect for all. Show up where you can and treat everybody as equals.

            Mercury conjoins Pluto on the 24th at 12:47 pm (pacific), urging us to plumb the depths of our mind and see what we can expunge. It’s time to ditch repetitive mental narratives of doubt, fear, and obsession. Restructure the brain.

            Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 25th at 3:26 am (pacific), getting us back to planning and strategizing while decoding how to clear the path towards our goals. Balance the big picture with the details and make sure emotional biases aren’t throwing a curve ball your way.

            Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th at 4:57 am (pacific), where it will be until March 17th. Well, this will fire things up and get us all wanting to get out more and try whacky and wild stuff, explore, study, and travel. Make sure you don’t burn through your energy reserves too quickly, because there’s a lot going on.

            Mercury squares Uranus on the 27th at 11:08 pm (pacific), tossing the crazy all over town. Talk about wild and whacky things, weird thoughts, breakthrough strategies, and drive very cautiously.

            The Lunar Eclipse is on the 31st at 5:27 am (pacific) in 11 degrees of Leo. This is actually a rather light and fluffy lunation that’s suggesting reconnection with friends and community at large. The focus for this is having fun and getting a good laugh in at it all.

            Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 31st at 5:40 am (pacific), where it will be until February 17th. This supports more socialization and talking and talking things out. Get out and mingle with the masses and see what new ideas have been cooking out there.

            So, yeah. January is a very full month. We’ll see how it turns out, as always, but it could be a banner month for productivity and growth if we bust our butts and roll with the punches. The trick is to not take anything too seriously, while definitely not making light of such depth and weight. Hopefully, we’ll all feel more caught up and ready for whatever comes.