Coming Home to Self Through the Runes by Sierra

Runes. The word itself is enigmatic, bringing up images of Tolkein-esque landscapes or pages and pages of cryptic text. Their mystique has drawn people toward them for thousands of years, and not without cause. Runestones found all around the world continue to enliven the imagination about times long ago, and offerings such as rune readings at Paradise Found provoke curiosity in the community of seekers who tend to frequent the store.

Are the runes a secret language? Yes and no. Are they symbols with rich layers of meaning? Absolutely! Can they tell you your future? No, but they can help you better create the future you want for yourself. What does a rune reading even look like? Somewhat like a tarot reading, with a set number of stones drawn and their symbols interpreted in collaboration with Spirit, the reader, and the inquirer.

When I was a teenager, I was first intrigued by the “secret language” element.  As I studied and learned the deeper meanings behind the symbols, I was drawn into a very personal journey of self-reflection, which continued until 1997. At that time, I experienced an existential crisis, which shifted my path completely.

I delved into an ancient form of Christianity, which drew me in with its ritual and reverence for the mystical. Over time, it became clear that for all its love of mystery, there was also a rigid system of sexist hierarchy and a refusal to recognize the God-given strengths, intellect, or needs of women. In conversion, it required a renunciation of all that one had known before, in order to create a new canvas for indoctrination.

I tried to forget about the runes.  Part of me was torn, feeling that I had to give up all I had known to follow the current path.  Yet part of me was insatiably hungry for a spirituality that was linked to my heritage, one that connected me to my ancient ancestors.

As I trod that path, the runes stayed with me.  They would show up in cracks of the sidewalk; branches of trees; shapes in architecture; the sound of a name.  I found myself furtively gleeful that my connection to this tradition continued to flow; I acknowledged the information that was being shared with me, and carried on.

By 2012, I could no longer bear the tension of living a life that was too small for the size of my soul.  I needed space to expand into the fullness of my calling here on earth: to fully express myself as woman: leader, creatrix, nurturer, and healer.  I wanted to be part of a community that embraced the wide variety of human experience and expression. I left a marriage; rebirthed myself spiritually; went back to school for my Master’s; and engaged life on my own terms.  The time had come to reconcile the inner conflict I felt with my lived experience.

Part of my process was answering that still-gnawing hunger for discovering my own indigenous roots.  I ordered two genetic tests that would give me feedback on my ancestry.  I had long known the family lore of Celts and Brits, but I wanted something definitive.  The most helpful of these tests was The Genographic Project from National Geographic, which gave me specific percentages of my genetic ancestry.  It turns out that I am 41% British/Celtic, 26% Scandinavian, 25% Western-Central European, and 7% Eastern European. 

Discovering that a full quarter of my genetic material is Scandinavian, I rejoiced!  My connection to the Nordic runes was an unconscious answer to the quest all along.  This confirmation was like a cosmic permission slip to open up even more to what was being shared with me through the runes, for myself and for others, which led me to begin offering readings for the community both through private practice and here at Paradise Found.  I had come full circle.

Although this is a rumination on how my experience with the runes has been the unexpected fulfillment of a personal quest, it is clear from the writings of respected rune masters around the world that the runes are not a tool only for those of Nordic heritage, but for everyone.  Indeed, through their many travels, the Norse have gifted runestones to several continents and shared their knowledge with other people groups.

Historically, in addition to their use as oracle, they have served as language, hallmark, incantation, and record-keeper.  Today, they continue to serve as a vehicle for deep personal connection to Spirit and the wisdom within, and can serve in these other capacities as needed. 

How will they support your highest good?

Please join me July 9 for the Full Moon of high summer at Paradise Found (more info).  I’ll be offering the wonderfully reflective and collaborative experience of rune readings from 1pm-5pm.  Reservations are highly encouraged: 15, 30, and 60 minute readings available.


In closing, I offer a few words from some of my regulars:

My rune reading with Sierra was immensely enjoyable.  It resonated deeply with me; I found clarity in my questions and possibilities for next steps.  Her knowledge of the runes, their history, and layers of meaning is impressive.  I felt her enthusiasm and deep connection to Spirit, and her strong powerful presence put me at ease immediately.  I highly recommend taking advantage of her spot-on intuition!

~Tricia S.

Sierra brings a deep and authentic presence to her readings that is both personal and transpersonal.  Prior to and during the session, she connects with one’s energy and essence, which allows for this ancestral divination technology to express itself fully and accurately, thus providing precious insights into one’s own journey.

~Julio M.