Back to Truth by Anna Chapman

Backing out of conditioning is a way of ‘returning’ to our true nature that Swami Atmananda Udasin describes as assistance to moving from illusion to consciousness/awareness or that which we are always before we are introduced to separation. It is logical that without the thoughts we have regarding our selves as separate individuals we would be ‘back’ to the innocence with which we entered this plane; freedom to Be without fear of the numerous things we are taught to believe may happen if

Powerful imagery can result from considering this suggestion. It is a well used example that of removing coats with which we adorn the self as we proceed through life. So, picture your self going backward through time shedding multiple layers of fashion until there you stand completely naked, as a baby, no pockets to store things in, no layers of identification within which to hide and no thoughts to describe anything about this moment. If you know anything it is only awareness is aware, right here right now. The point of this little exercise is to know not what has been heaped upon us from even before we take our first breath but to feel the absence of all patterns of thought that have informed us; to know stillness. No breeze to ripple the pond.

There is nothing to be attained. We are already That which we are seeking but we have mistakenly identified ourselves as being the body and the mind, believing that we are objects living in a world full of other objects!

~Swami Atmananda Udasin

When we are not able to identify with that which is our true nature (unless we recognize it outside of our self) we are frustrated, unhappy, sad, etc. Every time we connect with Truth (through nature or another human being) we have a feeling of elation. It is temporary however as we have no control over anything external to our existence. The source of our joy can cease to be in our field at any time leaving us feeling, incomplete, not enough and wanting. It would appear to be a simple matter to discover that the source of eternal happiness is actually and already ‘you’. Not the you identified as the body/mind but that which moves the body/mind; that infinite, eternal, all pervading essence; the ocean of…indescribable by the mind as the mind is a part of that. A fetus can hear in the womb and is aware of some of what goes on around them but are they aware of the womb? Do they know the womb? Or the woman that carries them…

Uranus in Aries Conjunct Venus in Aries (relationships may be challenged/challenging)

Aries: Seeking Self

Understand that you are not in love with a body. A body, be it man or woman, is a corpse. Know that what appears to be love for an “other” is really love of Self because “other” does not exist.

~Sri H.W.L Poonji, Papaji

The first few days of June are dominated by Uranus the planet of revolution for evolution conjuncting Venus, planet of love, desire, relationship. This happens about once a year as that is how long it takes for Venus to cycle through the 12 signs. As a leading aspect for this month, we might be prepared to confront those beliefs we have concerning those areas over which Venus has jurisdiction and know that there will be change. With Uranus change does not occur as the result of a westerly blowing through but rather as a tornado leveling everything in site. In the face of a force stronger than one self, better to accept rather than resist the inevitable.

Underlying the fear of such seemingly unjust action there is a deeper, stronger knowing that this is for ‘my’ highest good. Any complaints quickly diminish from a roar to a mew and then a long sigh of relief as you realize you have been divested of that which has encumbered you for a very long time ~ the thought that you are a separate individual; that there is work to be done; that suffering is a part of being here. If not at some point snatched from your grasp how else to untangle one self from these patterns that linger and linger? Once we are clear that Truth and freedom are what we seek we are receptive to any ‘way” that will dissolve limiting influences.

The Tower No. XVI (numerology a 7: tests and trials) is indicative of the influence of Uranus, the Enlightener.

People being cast from a solid structure that has been hit by lightening illustrates the disruption of beliefs that have prevailed for ages. And no matter what lofty heights we labour to attain it will be for not if material possession is our final goal for our desires that pertain to acquisition in the phenomenal world will, in the end, leave us seeking still. Though two people being hurled from the heights does not look pleasant, we know ultimately they will be liberated from illusion and happier for that. They can rest and relax knowing that there is no longer any pretense to uphold; that I am anything other than Truth which requires nothing to realize.

Chiron in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini (what inhibits the sacred warrior?)

If there is a tendency to ignore issues that relate to deep emotional wounding June is a time to express your feelings. Wounding perpetuates emotional patterns that limit us. Attending to these issues promotes emotional maturity and a clearer vision and mind. A clearer mind is attuned to greater truth and awareness that in turn allows for happiness that is consistent rather than intermittent. If there is a fear of speaking out then this is an opportunity to face those fears and heal those old wounds caused by suffering from expressing Truth. And Saturn in Sagittarius in opposition to Mars will compel the planet of action to give voice and to be highly aware of restrictions or resistance to such action.

Mars in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra and trine Neptune in Pisces (wisdom or folly?)

As summer solstice approaches we find Mars now in Cancer in aspect to Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Libra. What this means may be viewed from different perspectives. Illusion exaggerated or the disillusion of the illusion that we are something that we are not. If this sounds a bit cryptic it is! Neptune is involved. Can we know the unknowable? Leaves us pondering or contemplating which may ultimately be where we are at, at the end of this month that takes us into summer.

Or possibly in pure wonderment for life and the blessings that are available in this most glorious experience. Everything is possible and nothing is in the way. 

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